So that’s it, then. The John Lewis Christmas ad has gone live which means, basically, it’s Christmas. Now, I’m not usually in favour of going too early when it comes to embracing the festive season. Our halls won’t be decked with holly until December 1st. But from that date onwards it’ll be mince pies for breakfast with the Christmas playlist on repeat.

But some things are best taken care of well in advance. I’m talking wine, natch. And this year I’ve teamed up with my favourite independent wine shop The Solent Cellar to bring you a case of suitably festive wines with a suitably festive discount. Click here to find out more about what’s in the case but in a nutshell there’s a brilliant value (traditional method) sparkling, a crowd-pleasing red and white, a smarter red and white and a pudding/cheese wine (to die for).

Normally the case would cost £74.94 but for us it’s just £59.99 with free local delivery, a saving of £14.95! For mail order delivery it’s £69.99, so still a saving to be made. Merry Christmas indeed.

Buy my case!

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  1. Struggling to get the link to the solent cellar so I can order Christmas case.

    • Oh am sorry…just checked it and it’s working, click on link and it takes you the Solent Cellar’s website, where you can place an order. Hope it works for you, let me know if not!

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