Rosé All Day

Actually it was all morning, tasting a line up of rosé wines made by celebrities on This Morning. I had to really concentrate, not least because all I really wanted to ask was where presenter Rochelle Humes got her dress from (Ganni, I looked it up afterwards). But also because we had to speed-taste our way through six wines in as many minutes. The wines were all looking fabulous, especially the Vida Nova Rose from Cliff Richard’s vineyard in the Algarve and Sting & Trudie Styler’s Beppe Rosato from their estate in Tuscany. This week’s recommendations include two more: Graham Norton’s bargain rosé and one from Aldi with absolutely no celebrity status whatsoever but at £5.99, I’m not complaining.

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Current rose in the fridge: Graham Norton Rosé

Price: £7.50 - Buy From Tesco

Graham Norton really loves his wine. So much so he’s put his name to a range that’s now selling 3.5million bottles a year. Not surprising given what good value this one is. Made by a crowdfunded winery in New Zealand, according to winemaker Rob Cameron Graham gets properly involved when it comes to selecting the blend for each vintage. It’s got a couple of quid off at the mo in Tesco. Fill boots.

Current rose in the fridge: Exquisite Sud de France

Price: £5.99 - Buy From Aldi

Not quite Provence but it’s from the south of France and made from a similar blend of grapes so it’s not a million  miles away. About a hundred to be precise, from the Languedoc Roussillon region. And because it’s from a more run-of-the-mill region, it comes with a more affordable price tag. Which definitely makes it more palatable. A proper crowd pleaser.

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