Boiling Point

And so finally – finally! – my kids have broken up for the summer holidays. After what felt like weeks of end of term celebrations, we headed to the beach after their last day. The kids all jumped into the sea in their uniforms as parents watched on, mainlining crisps and a glass of rosé. And now, as I stare down the barrel of six weeks managing the work/life mesh with them all at home (and *breathe*) I’m determined to take it as it comes. Not have too many plans. Not shout too much. And not run out of wine, obviously.

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  1. Yay bring it on. Fabulous end of term shenanigans, happy to share the load, boys and juggling action xx

    • Helen McGinn

      Ah, thank you – and right back at you! Thanks so much for such a brilliant end to their year! x

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