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Yup, still January. But there have been highlights: I got to hold a copy of my new (old) book, the updated Knackered Mother’s Wine Guide, in my hands for the first time. (There’s a cracking competition coming up to celebrate the book launching on the 6th February, more on that soon). And I did Saturday Kitchen again at the weekend and loved it, not least because it meant a night away followed by a free makeover and a glass of wine at 7am the next morning.  More like a mini-break, really. Anyway, I’ve added two of the wines featured on the show for this week’s recommendations. Swedish chef Niklas Ekstedt loved them. Job done.

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Current orange in the rack: Orange Natural Wine

Price: £6.25 - Buy From Asda

It’s white wine, but not as you might know it. Made from white grapes – in this case some Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Feteasca and another local grape that’s a bit like Muscat – but made like a red wine and fermented on its skins. So it has a bit of colour, hence the name, and more grip than your average white. This one’s made by an Englishman in Romania and it’s a lovely smoky, slightly herbal way to give orange wine a try if you haven’t before. Like me, loves food.

Current red in the rack: Saint Clair Estate Selection Pinot Noir

Price: £9.99 - Buy From Majestic

Think of Marlborough and chances are Sauvignon Blanc comes to mind. But the region is making some great Pinot Noir too, generally lighter in style than those from further south but with bright, juicy red berry fruit flavours and – like this one – just the right amount of grip. Made by the Ibbotson family, pioneers in the region (they’ve been there since the late ’70s), it’s pretty reasonably priced for Pinot. Gorgeous with monkfish curry, as it turns out.

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