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If there was ever a time to find the joy in small things, it’s now. And I got to talk about a whole range of small things on This Morning earlier this week, namely drinks in cans including spritzers, properly smart wines and a Bloody Mary so good even Holly Willoughby liked it. She also demonstrated one of the best (and funniest) drinks hacks I’ve ever seen, click here if you want to watch it. There’s lots to love about drinks in cans – fully recyclable with a much lower carbon footprint than glass – but their portability is a real boon too. I’ve included a couple of favourites in this week’s recommendations and as soon as the sun comes back I intend to head out on my paddle board, a can of Hun Rosé perched on the front. Bloody marvellous.

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Current rosé in the fridge: Hun Rosé

Price: £2.50 - Buy From Tesco

Named after the founder’s WhatApp group chat ‘The Huns’, this is one of the sassiest wine brands to hit the shelves for a long time. There’s a white and a rosé in the range (with a sparkling rosé to come) and the wine is properly good, sourced from a great producer in South Africa. Made from 100% Cinsault, this one’s fresh and crisp with lovely light red fruit flavours and a twist of citrus. It’s also certified Fairtrade and suitable for vegans (as the majority of wines are nowadays, to be honest). Definitely ok, hun.

Current cocktail in the glass: The Bloody Classic 250ml

Price: £3.00 - Buy From Sainsbury's

Set up by two friends fed up with being served a bad Bloody Mary, this comes pre-mixed with all the gubbins including a shot of Amontillado sherry. There’s soy sauce and Worcestershire sauce for added umami and plenty of Tabasco to spice it up. Talk about canned heat. Actually, I can’t quite bring myself to drink it out of the can preferring it over lots of ice and with a stick of celery to stir/eat afterwards. Either way, it’s bloody good.

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  • Monette Osborne
    3 years ago

    They both sound amazing! From summer to autumn, from bikini to pjs, no make up and zoom calls these would make this time sooo much more fun.. 🍾🥂🍷🤞💕

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