Most Wanted

Years ago, I went to a well known department store to buy a new camera. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted but knew what I needed, if you know what I mean. Nothing too complicated, good value for money, must look nice (I’m shallow like that). Anyway, I started reading the descriptions on the shelf labels and just didn’t understand them. Literally, no clue. I’m telling you this because when I write about wine, I often think of the camera story. Hopefully I tell you what you really need to know (how much it is, where it comes from, what it tastes like) without using jargon/boring you to death. One wine brand I love for its no nonsense approach is Most Wanted, a range of great quality classics with refreshingly unpretentious labels. There are loads of styles from different regions to choose from available in bottles, boxes and cans but one of my favourites is the new Organic Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, a juicy Italian red (see this week’s wine review for the essential stuff including, crucially, what to eat with it). And thanks to the brilliant people behind Most Wanted we’ve got a case of it up for grabs this week. All you have to do to enter is leave a comment here on the blog and we’ll pick a winner at random. Good luck!

T&Cs: UK residents only, must be over 18 years old to enter. Competition closes on 19th July 2021 at 11.59pm. The winner will be notified by email and the prize will be sent to the winner after that date.

This post is sponsored by Most Wanted Wines. Visit for more information.

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  1. Emily Jenkins

    I love Most Wanted wines – this looks delicious!

    • Ann Stephanides

      I agree that jargon doesn’t help. When I’m told what I should be tasting when I try a new wine I worry that if I can’t ‘taste’ those jargon words it must mean that I just don’t have decent taste buds!

      • Kevin Hurley

        Not tried Most Wanted before but I love fruity Italians (can I say that?) and this sounds delicious and good value. Can’t wait to try it!

      • Jennifer Benson

        Would love to learn more about wine. I enjoy drinking it enough lol, should start paying attention really 🙂

        • Michaela Effio

          Would love to try most wanted wine but unfortunately I don’t live near a waitress. I’ll have to wait until I can make an online order. 🍷🍷

      • Karen Radford

        Sounds delicious, love your no-nonsense review!

    • Marion MacPhee

      Great to see another organic wine!

  2. Nicola Bamford

    Sounds lovely! I love watching and listening to your wine reviews, you make me want to try them all!!! 🍷

  3. Nicola Davis

    Now, a box of wine is definitely Most Wanted on a dreary Monday. Sunshine in a bottle perhaps? ❤️

    • Tina Carroll

      Sounds the perfect red healthy, so may be one of our five a day and a bit of spice what’s not to like eh?! Helen you are wonderful 🧡

  4. Love all of your recommendations 🍷

  5. Rebekah Hobday

    Sounds delist! 🍷

  6. Clare Semple

    Sounds delicious! And now I want to try it even though it’s just gone 12 on a Monday morning!

  7. Stuart Beharrie

    Looks great and I’m sure it will taste great – and it’s even better ‘cause it’s free! 🥳

  8. Dearest Knackered mother / Hels, you rock and I blooming love the blog and the wine recco’s. Keep up the awesome work, the wine lushes of the world couldn’t do without you!

  9. Looks great. I hereby enter! Thanks x

    • Elaine Coult

      You describe wines in a way that even if people don’t know anything about wine they can see your enthusiasm as a normal person sitting at home tasting wine as they would.

  10. Sounds delicious and really wanting to explore more organic options so will definitely try and locate a bottle (or 2!). Thanks for the recommendation 🙂

  11. Looks great x

  12. Claire Williams

    I love Most Wanted wines, can’t wait to try this one. Also, cannot wait for you to be back on Saturday Kitchen and in the studio!

  13. Ooh sounds delightful, will keep an eye out next I’m in Waitrose x

  14. Love a Most Wanted red, yummy!

  15. Ashley Banks

    “ I’ll tell you what I want, What I really want “😄delicious wine 🍷 to cheer us up on our holidays:) enjoyed watching you on This Morning , and look forward to you being back with Matt in the studio soon .

  16. Karen Parry

    I love your descriptions of wine. I’m not stalking you but I do watch you on Saturday kitchen, watch your lives with ‘Doesmybumlook40’ (aka Kat Farmer), and follow you on Instagram!! Always very entertaining snd informative!!!

  17. Definitely a fabulous way to cheer up a dull Monday, MW wines are fab and this looks delicious!

  18. Siobhan Chaney

    This looks great! Love Most Wanted wines.

  19. Ali Forsyth

    Fab, sounds lush! 🍷😋 thanks for all the recommendations😊

  20. Karen McDowall

    Red wine for a blue Monday – what could be better?

  21. Red wine’s good for you right guys?!

  22. Rebecca Hodges

    My father-in-law introduced me to montepulciano many moons ago – I make lasagne and he brings the wine ☺️
    Such beautifully balanced red…..and now there is organic! Sounds like the perfect combination from Most Wanted, great work! Thank you for the recommendation Helen x

  23. Lottey Wren

    Absolutely adore you and would love to try this!

  24. Red wine would definitely improve a blue Monday 🍷

  25. Sounds perfect for summer dining. Love MW wines

  26. Most wanted here in my house please KM

  27. Wow Abruzzo is where our family live!… and Most Wanted have picked their grapes!!!! Would absolutely love to try this 🥰🥰 Take Care 😊

  28. Jeremy Hopley

    Most Wanted need to change their strapline to MOST NEEDED!

  29. Anneli Thomson

    How lovely. Would love to try this wine.

  30. Thank you so much – I know a lot a fair bit about cameras and next to nothing about wine!!

  31. Kirsty small

    School holiday’s have started, send me the wine

  32. Simple name, simple bottle design usually means great wine!!

  33. Joanna Matheson

    This post caught my eye! Always love an Italian red, especially a montepulciano. And you can’t go wrong with a case 🍷

  34. This looks delicious 👍🏼

  35. Amanda Godfrey

    Love, love, love Montepulciano and the red wine from that region of Italy. One of my favourite memories is of my one and only visit to Italy and a wine tasting trip down in the valley of Montepulciano. Stunning.

  36. You had me at meaty Burrito! I love a great Montepulciano so thanks for the recommendation I can almost taste it! I adore Italian wine.

  37. Sounds lovely!

  38. Natasha Louca-Jones

    Well it’s always wine o’clock somewhere in the world. Bottoms up! 😉🍷

  39. Jason Briggs

    Looking forward to trying this one! Thanks as always for the reviews Helen, you always pick winners!

  40. Nick White

    I Would love to try this wine, looks delicious

  41. Christine Harris

    Another one that I need to try!! 🍷🙌🏻🍷

  42. Debbie Spencer

    I’d love to try this, the Most Wanted Pinot fizz is lovely 😊

  43. My husband loves your red wine recs so this would def initely please him.

  44. Kelly Skene

    My Monday, being peri menopausal with one of the lovely symptoms insomnia, I have had approx 7 hours sleep since Friday, children are off on summer holidays now yay 😒 the weather sucks , husband at work and am fed up , if the weather changes I could maybe sit out side and dream I am in Italy 🇮🇹 ahhhh bliss, wishful thinking at this time I know. A case of wine 🍷 well would go down a treat, I could maybe stretch it over a few days 🤣🤣 cheers folks 🥂

  45. Hannah Dunhill

    Looks delicious. I’d be drinking it on my balcony eating a big bowl of pasta, while trying to stop my baby crying!

  46. Brenda Swiestowska

    Definitely Most Wanted by me. Haven’t been able to get there for a year and just the smell of Montepulciano D’Abruzzo will take me back. 🍷 🍇

  47. Cat Hatwood/ Febgirlkittycat

    🍝 deserves beautiful red to fulfil the experience. I like a “no nonsense approach” as well… I trust your judgement! Would love to be selected thank you 🍷

  48. The perfect accompaniment to sip whilst reading your book Helen🍷📖
    Sunshine in a glass 🌞

  49. Kate Peers

    This red sounds so good. We drink lots of Italian but also Chilean.

  50. Emma Linwood

    Sounds yummy! Love your reviews and recommendations and love watching you on Saturday Kitchen! Best show on TV!

  51. Never had a bad recommendation from you so will have to try this one too. You and Olly need to get into the studio as guest cooks for Saturday Kitchen and can choose wines for each other’s dishes. That would be a fun show to watch.

  52. Love a good glass of 🍷 and most wanted always delivers ☺️

  53. A beautiful red in a glass with no stem,
    Most Wanted wine goes straight to my head!
    Would love to try others! 😀

  54. Tina Mitchinson

    Free Wine…..YESsssssss Pleeeeeeze!👌🏽🍷🍷🍷❤

  55. Abi Wildbore

    This sounds delicious, would love to try! It is so fab to see more great organic wines making their way onto our shelves, helping our environment and enjoying a glass…win win!

  56. Emma Jones

    Most wanted – does what it says on the tin!

  57. The Primitivo is my favourite red by Most Wanted, I never will tire of drinking that one .

  58. Trina Redshaw

    Love it!!! Am going to need to build a cellar soon or start drinking more! 🤪

  59. Carys Butler

    We’ve tried and enjoyed other MW wines but not this one. This is exactly what we need this week to enjoy before the heatwave begins 😃

  60. Would love to try this wine. I love their Sauvignon Blanc so can imagine this is just as tasty!

  61. I have never tried this brand, so a case to get me started would be super.

  62. Jeff Smyth

    Oh this looks lovely! Had some lovely Most Wanted wines

  63. Denise Jane

    Would really like to try most wanted and this red wine as I’m not so good at choosing good reds 🤞🏻

  64. Sian Newman

    Love your recommendations, always watch you and Kat doing your supermarket tastings.

  65. Jane Anderson

    After a big boozy family party this weekend I’m sure I should have a break but this sounds to good 🍷

  66. Donna Blyth

    Oooh, love a bit of Most Wanted

  67. Emily Gatti

    This is such a fab red wine! Firm favourite in our household xx

  68. This sounds lovely, I always try the wines anyway after you’ve recommended than and I’ll keep an eye out for this one when I go shopping.

  69. Rachel Allan

    *adds wine to shopping list*

    Great wee read 🙂

  70. Joanne Oates

    Thanks to your brilliant descriptions of wines and Prosecco, I’ve tried and liked many you’ve recorded.

  71. Joanne Oates

    Thanks to your brilliant descriptions of wines and Prosecco, I’ve tried and liked many you’ve recommended.

  72. Lorna Turner

    I have always felt that your descriptions are really accessible and unpretentious. I have discovered so many lovely wines thanks to you. I will now add this one to my shopping list!

  73. Beverly Govin

    Love the wines you recommend and would love to try this

  74. Claudine Parkinson

    Sounds delicious, and sounds like my kind of food too. Would be perfect!

  75. Just saying ‘ Montepulciano’ makes me feel like I can speak Italian 🍷

  76. I’d love to try this!

  77. Charlotte Russell

    Practically a health drink??? Im in!

  78. The Most Wanted family of wines are always a part of my wine collection….. love finding ones that I may not have tried before. In fact I have a case of Albariño and thats the one that’s always living happily chilled in my fridge door!

  79. joanna manley

    Here’s something to get me through this week – a glass of Montepulciano D’Abruzzo in the summer sunshine at the weekend. If I can’t go to Italy, let’s recreate a little bit of Italy at home…🤞🏻😎🍷🍕🏡

  80. I have to confess that I’ve always passed over the Most Wanted wines when shopping simply because the labels didn’t grab me, but after reading your description of this one I’m starting to think they are worth a try.

  81. Maria Matthews

    I love your wine reviews, given with such enthusiasm. Also such diversity of budgets which makes wine accessible to all 🙂 thank you

  82. I love Italian reds and have seen this bottle but for some reason steered away from my. Thanks for recommendation, I will look out for next time I am shopping

  83. Angela Kinsville

    What a wonderful idea. Fingers crossed for a lovely surprise

  84. Brent Thomas

    Thank you for being the 3rd person in our wine relationship. When my wife asks “Why do you want THAT wine” it seems to work if I say “Helen says it’s worth trying”!

  85. Michelle G

    Love your recommendations – thank you for such great reviews every week!

  86. Tammy watson

    Ooh “practically a health drink” she says… I’m in!

  87. Joyce Scully

    Most wanted wines are, indeed, what I want most from wine. Good taste and honest labelling along with sensible pricing.

  88. Ayshea Praide

    Italian Loveliness in a bottle, Organic and Red …. What a winner! ♥️

  89. Hollie Scott

    A delicious juicy red up for grabs who would say no to that!

  90. Jules Godfrey

    I have a real love of Italian wine and wine from Montepulciano especially, as I was lucky enough to visit there once. Rich berry reds are my favourite.

  91. Janet Readings

    Love a Montepulciano and other MW wines so would love to try this. Look forward to seeing you on Sat Kitchen soon.

  92. Sophie Hill

    I’m definitely going to try this. I love the SB that they do and the bold label always grabs my attention!

  93. Joanne Hamilton

    Went to Italy on honeymoon & loved their red wines!! Looks tasty!! X

  94. Saluti! 🍷

  95. Ooo yes please!

  96. I’ll remember most wanted from now on as they sound delicious. We’re having a family bbq soon so it would be great to share a bottle with everyone.

  97. Eddie Davies

    Sounds great. Look forward to toasting your health

  98. Patricia Sey

    Another fab review and recommendation with a brilliant giveaway to boot! 🤞🍷

  99. Jane Hunter

    Lovely to read your comments, clear and straightforward. Tells me all I want to know and I certainly fancy looking at the Most Wanted range. Thank you Hels!

  100. Catherine Ramsay

    Sounds delicious and I love MW Albarino so this will have to be next to try!

  101. Debbie Ball

    (a no nonsense comment for a no nonsense wine)

  102. Gemma Coleman

    Mmmmm 😋love a most wanted 🍷 also love Italy 🇮🇹 😊

  103. Gemma Sheldon

    Looks delicious, looking forward to getting a bottle!

  104. My husbands initials are MW! I’d love to be able to gift this to him!

  105. What a fabulous way to describe this wine…at least one of my five a day too!

  106. Great to cut through the jargon, and I love Italian reds!

  107. Mike Chirnside

    Long time favourites of mine (currently have their Shiraz and Sauvignon Blanc Rosé in the rack), MW wines have always given great value for money – especially when caught on offer! 😉

    By the way: have MW been rated by an MW? 😂

  108. Discovered Most Wanted wines recently when we were able to celebrate a family 40th birthday in the garden. The Rose we bought was absolutely delicious and ran out too quickly. Would love to try this red to remind me of a wonderful Italian holiday with my sister in 2018.

  109. Montepulciano was my first taste of wonderful red wine – still smitten by the good ones

  110. Definitely Most Wanted in Brighton 😎

  111. Very much like Most Wanted wines and also like Montepulciano , so good marriage. Look forward to giving it a try

  112. Oh yes please. Most needed

  113. Not tried this one but it sounds delizioso!

  114. love italian wine
    not tried any of most wanted range alas … 🙂

  115. Clare Hudson

    This wine looks and sounds delicious. Haven’t tried it yet so may pop a bottle in my shopping basket later…

  116. Love this wine one of my favourite Italian Reds but there are no Waitrose in Northern Ireland so I’ve bought from other Supermarkets… would love to be able to try this one 🤞

  117. This is the wine I always try to win at the bottle tombola – a failsafe!

  118. Definitely Most Wanted by me 😁 Have wanted to try this Italian wine for a while now. I’m a Rioja girl at heart but could be converted to Montepulciano d’Abruzzo 🍷

  119. Hi Helen,
    sounds like the Most Wanted organic is a belter and as our Italian cousins would say ’Vino rosso fa buon sangue’

  120. Yum yes please!

  121. Love reading your reviews and would definitely appreciate a case of this wine 😊

  122. mmmmm……Montepulciano d’Abruzzo….one of my faves! And Organic to boot!

  123. The Most Wanted Albariño was my go-to white for quite while! Will need to pop down to waitrose to try this …. Or not if I’m lucky 😉

  124. Gabrielle Weaver

    One of my Dad’s favourites x

  125. Tanya Cutler

    New brand to me, but sounds intriguing Hels. Would love to try

  126. Susan Riggs

    Hi Helen, I usually look for a Montepulciano d’Abruzzo on a menu. I used to love the one on the menu at Carluccios (back in the days when I went to restaurants). But I would love to try the Most Wanted version, I love the fact that it is Organic; we all have far too many chemicals jiggling around our bodies. I have never tried any MW wines yet. I can just imagine myself sitting down to a nice glass of this whilst reading your debut novel set in Rome. I need some me time as a working mum. x

  127. Love reading your reviews, they come across as genuine. Would definitely appreciate a case of this wine . Would help pass a few summer evenings……

  128. Kate McLaughlan

    Yes please! 😃

  129. Michael McLaughlan

    Would be amazing- my birthday is coming up. 😁

  130. Amelia Franklin

    I am a sucker for a cute label, which means I sometimes end up with something I am not overly keen on! Really refreshing to see an informative label without the jargon that I don’t understand anyway 😆

  131. Haven’t tried this, but sounds delicious. One to add to the online shopping basket

  132. Lara Simpson

    This is a wine I have bought just for the label! It’s definitely Most Wanted!!

  133. Donna Harrison

    this looks delicious and perfect to toast the hubby with on his 50th next week!! thanks for the brilliant recommendations Helen, haven’t had 1 I haven’t liked yet 🙂

  134. Alex South

    Monti-pulci-wino. Absolutely love it. Cheers!

  135. I am going to go on a wine 🍷 hunt in Northern Ireland for Most Wanted wines. They sound delicious Helen. Looking forward to seeing your lovely smile on Saturday Kitchen soon🥰 You always make me feel cheerful. Just ordered your book. Looking forward to reading it. Orla

  136. Tracey Jackson

    Your book is doing the rounds with the girls. Going down a storm. The feedback is five stars. Now need to take some of this wine to our next wine club. Will feed back the results Cheers

  137. Irene Downey

    Great prize – thanks for opportunity to win.

  138. Jodie Hartley

    Did someone say free wine? Yes please 😀

  139. Pauline Dixon

    Hi Helen, we absolutely love Italian reds! So miss trips to Italy. Thanks for all the amazing recommendations x

  140. Yes please – to drown our sorrows with this Italian wine after Italy beating us at the footie. My Husband also works for an Italian company.

  141. Abigail Craig

    Love this wine. Feel like I need to join your club haha

  142. Tried this before and it is indeed a good ‘un!

  143. Most Wanted (Montepulciano) tastes great, looks good (I love a funky label; shallow like that too) and offers the right measure of escapism… essential during our wacky times

  144. How nice to have a review that is easy to understand about a wine that is delicious. Definitely feel part of the knackered mother club!!

  145. Tashya Page

    Ohhh yes please ! This sounds delicious . I’m eloping in a few weeks and would love to take a case of this with us !

  146. Kathryn Shaw

    Yes please, this would be be a fab antidote to my toddler 🙂

  147. Elizabeth Gaskell

    Fabulous prize thank you. Would love to win to celebrate all the missed occasions during lockdown.

  148. Charlotte Walker

    Have been wanting to try Most Wanted wines for a while and the Montepulciano D’Abruzzo sounds the perfect bottle to start with!

  149. Gemma heinson

    Who doesn’t love a juicy italian 😍

  150. Alison Turnnidge

    Your review of this wine is great. I’ve never tried the Montepulciano grape, as I tend to stick to Tempranillo but I shall be looking for this one next time

  151. We had MW wines at our wedding & would love to give this one a go

  152. Charlotte Malbasa

    Celebrating becoming a knackered mother with some montepuliciano. Sounds ideal!

  153. I only buy wine that’s been recommended to me as I wouldn’t have a clue what to get otherwise as there is such a huge range about now.

  154. Patricia Milne

    Am definitely in the market for a juicy Italian. Love Most Wanted. ❤️

  155. Carol Mitchell

    You spoil us KMW! The MW sounds divine! 🍷

  156. I started a blog recently called Doorstep Diversity that takes a very amateur approach to conquering different wines. I buy a bottle and cook a meal and talk about the cultural heritage tied to the wine and meal. Hopefully I will develop an expert wine knowledge from this project😅

  157. Jo-Anne Cudworth

    Love the simplicity of the brand and Knackered Mother sums it up perfectly! We don’t have time for complicated labels and confusing descriptions. Most Wanted keep it simple…. And the wine is delicious! Of course

  158. J Jeffries

    My husband quite often reads out the wine label while I’m sipping. I was always amazed that whatever I was grazing on would be noted on the label. Wonderful accompaniment to “dry roasted peanuts” “breadsticks and dips” etc. He is usually winding me up as I used to believe these amazing coincidences 😂

  159. Ok – lets do this

  160. I love Most Wanted for their no nonsense approach. This looks amazing!

  161. Rebecca Reed

    Simple, delicious and organic, what more could you want?!

  162. Love your blog! Glad to see you enjoyed MW xxx

  163. Your reviews are perfect. Wine choice too. Love Most Wanted <3

  164. One of the best reds that suits all year ‘round! No-nonsense, unpretentious Montepulciano in combination with the honest, straightforward, yet more than reliable Most Wanted? This is the perfect blog post 😍 🍷

  165. A great way to try and train myself to like red, a juicy red sounds delicious!

  166. Rachel Beech

    Never mind Most Wanted I am Most Needed …. benefited (I like to say) from oldest who should of gone to uni and stayed at
    home for an extra year, GCSE nightmare for second child and have a 3rd who is theatrical….. so feel I most wanted and is the
    Most needed ! 🤣

  167. Shannon Green

    Would love to try this!

  168. Nina GreenNina

    Most wanted wines are fantastic and would be perfect on a warm summer evening with friends and family. Time to make new memories and be grateful for these moments

  169. I’ve only tried the Most Wanted Sauv Blanc and love an Italian Red so will definitely be trying this.

  170. Loooooooooooooooove the no nonsense descriptions!

  171. Jackie Purver

    Sounds delicious! I totally agree about the jargon.

  172. Loving this, what’s more it’s organic, fantastic

  173. Rani Johal

    The perfect celebration treat cheers

  174. Louise Jackman

    This would be a perfect treat for me, slowly getting back into my wine stride after having my first baby a few months ago. Feel like I’m definitely in the Knackered mothers wine club now 🤣 Funny moment when I was pregnant, I really missed red wine and when in a restaurant with my partner, he ordered himself a glass of red, it looked so good I actually cried because I couldn’t have any!!

  175. Pregnant and baby due any time now. Looking forward to trying Helen’s recommendations again!

  176. Sounds delicious – exactly what I need right now!

  177. Practically a health drink 🤣

  178. Debra Ward


  179. I love most wanted wines 😍😍

  180. Hannah chittenden

    Love the no nonsense, no jargon descriptions! That wine sounds delightful! X

  181. Jamie Banks

    Yummy! I love MW!

  182. Daniel Banks

    My wife has made me comment to win some wine ♥️

  183. Lauren Denton

    Sounding absolutely delicious. Yes please 🤞

  184. Melissa CORTHORN

    What a lovely prize! They sound amazing!

  185. Most Wanted wines are excellent! We love them especially the Primitivo 🍷

  186. Yum! Perfect for the 6 week holidays!

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