Bruce Jack Wine Giveaway!

Few things say small win quite like a really great glass of wine. I mean, kids returning towels to the bathroom rather than leaving them on their bedroom floor is right up there but you know what I mean. Anyway, what makes a glass of wine even greater is when it just so happens to do good as well as taste good. And that’s exactly what South African winemaker Bruce Jack does. His Fairtrade wine range, available from the Co-op, includes the Fairtrade Shiraz (see this week’s reviews) and supports the Merwida Farm Village in the Breedekloof region where the grapes are grown. These wines help people in some of South Africa’s poorest and most disadvantaged communities, improving the living conditions and livelihoods of the workers and their families. Bruce truly works to make a difference (during lockdown he turned one of his wineries into a soup kitchen) but he also makes properly good wine.

To help spread the good wine word, Bruce and his team have given me five (FIVE!) cases of Bruce Jack wines (6 x 75cl) to give away to five of you and all you have to do to be in with a chance of winning one of them is leave a comment here before the 1st October. I’ll then be raising a glass with Bruce on the 7th October on Instragram Live at 7pm and we’ll announce the winners (I’ll also email you if you win so don’t worry if you don’t do Instagram). Good luck!

T&Cs: UK residents only, must be over 18 years old to enter. Competition closes on 1st October 2021 at 11.59pm. The winners will be announced and notified by email and the prize will be sent to the winner after that date.

This post is sponsored by Bruce Jack Wines. Visit for more information. 

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  1. Fantastic prize to win,yes please!

  2. I first heard about Bruce Jack wines from my brother who lives in Jo’burg. Fingers crossed we’ll enjoy a glass or two with him next year when we plan to visit and travel in South Africa with him. For now we’ll keep FaceTime calls going. A win like this would be brilliant to help celebrate all the little, and big, occasions we missed recently. I look forward to your chat with Bruce next month.

  3. Julie Costello

    Who doesn’t love a bit of Bruce?! What a great prize x

  4. Jo Frazer-Wise

    Did someone say wine?!

  5. I would love a case of Bruce Jack!

  6. What’s better than a good wine…. A case of free wine! 😜😘

  7. This has just upped the Friday feeling and a great excuse to pop out to our local co-op

  8. Kirsty Bennett

    Wow! Not only does this wine sound fabulous so too does the work Bruce Jack does to support the people of Merwida Farm Village.

  9. What a fabulous prize! This would be a fabulous birthday present for me 😍

  10. Me please!!!! 🙂

  11. Brucey brilliant 🍷

  12. Sounds lush, is 10.30 too early to head to the Co-op?!?!!

  13. Kathryn Collie

    I am a bit fan of Aussie Shiraz and this wine in particular. Would be great to win and to toast the Autumn with this lovely wine. Thanks.

  14. Hello there.
    Thank you to Bruce Jack wine makers for their generosity.
    I first fell in love with South African wines on our Honeymoon back in 1999. What an amazing country although troubled at times but still producing some of the world’s finest wines!
    Yet to try BJ but if not a winner this time I’m def off to the Coop to check this out. Many thanks. ☺️

  15. What a fabulous giveaway- would love to share with friends

  16. Love this, love the ethos, love wine! ❤ 🍷

  17. Wow! Who doesn’t love a ‘Brucie Bonus’. Cheers🍷

  18. Colette Barnes

    Looks good! Loves drinking reds in Autumn curled up in front of the fire… 🍷🍷🍷

    • What an amazing prize. After your recommendations I always pop to my local coop to see if they stock the wines. 🍷🍷🤞🥳

  19. What a great prize, I have been off work for 5 weeks with a fractured arm and winning this would definitely cheere up. Would also share with my mum who’s been a great help.
    Love trying different wines and tried quite a few you have recommended, especially on Saturday kitchen, what a great show 😀👍

  20. Andrea Fieldhouse

    Wow, would be lovely to share these with friends and family that I have not seen during Covid.

  21. This wine sounds so good! Just what we need when the weather turns and we’re getting cosy in front of the fire!

  22. This would be fab 😍 Really like Bruce Jack sav blanc and would love to try some others too

  23. Got to love a drop of Bruce Jack Shiraz 🤞

  24. Julie Bedingfield

    That’s me popping into the Coop on my way home…….a case would be even better 🍷

  25. Love Bruce&Jack 🙂 the boxed wine tells his story so well (and, by the way, is the best boxed red EVER!!). Off to Tesco’s I go 😆😆😆 would be so good to try some of his others pleeeeeeease!!! Feeling lucky now!!

  26. Ooh this looks fab. Only just discovering South African reds 🍷♥️

  27. We love watching you on telly- and follow you on Instagram! Especially the funny moments on Saturday kitchen! I’m a fan! Ofcourse would love to win some vino!

  28. Vicky Ackerley

    I’ve only just started being able to taste red wine again after having covid last year 😱 – so this would be wonderful!

    • Ooh I’ve been meaning to try this since you mentioned Bruce Jack in your wine time with Kat. My knowledge and what I buy has expanded through your posts thank you!

  29. Love a fruity red wine. Looks like I could polish it off quite happily eating cheese & reading your books Helen… My local co op is so small it won’t stock it!

  30. Laura McCormack

    Yum 😍 Perfect for chilly autumn evenings. 🍷💃

  31. Elizabeth Berridge

    Looks like a lovely new wine to try…And it’s the season of red wine deliciousness! 🍷

  32. Sapna Fitzgerald

    Yes please!

  33. Jessica Edwards

    Fingers crossed!

  34. This is a fabulous prize! Love a good red 🍷🍷

  35. Looks delicious, can’t wait to try it 🍷

  36. Going straight to the co-op. Weekend drink sorted!

  37. Wow fantastic lush red sounds so tasty yes please

  38. Christine Harley

    Thank you for introducing another interesting wine with a story to tell…….Look forward to sampling ! 🌻

  39. Always get excited when I see another wine recommendation from you Helen – thank you ! I don’t have much luck yet with prize draws so going to create some Friday joy for myself and Will be popping down to my local Co-op today to see if they have this in stock for me to try . Fingers and toes will then be crossed I get to enjoy more of it through this giveaway !

  40. Such good wine 🍷

  41. As my favourite wine guru Hels Bels such a wicked Instagram handle btw 😁 I’ll be off to the co-op this evening for a bit of Bruce Jack Shiraz 🍷🤞

  42. Oooo yes pls! Looks stun-real!! 🍷

  43. A give away wine competition? it must be the weekend and time to raise a glass to …..(please insert good cause here). Cheers.

  44. Just in time for the lighting of the wood stove – the good thing about winter: fires and drinking (too much) red wine next to them 🙊🍷

  45. Yay! South African red!

  46. Mhairi Callaghan

    Sounds amazingly ng!

  47. Yes yes yes please and always find co-op wine very good value 🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷

  48. Bruce Jack’s range is all pretty excellent. Not just the Shiraz.

  49. Oh yes please! Can’t think of a better competition than a wine giveaway. Especially by someone who has been making such a difference!

  50. I’d like to raise a glass to Bruce!! And guess I’ll be popping to the coop!

  51. My absolute favourite wine!! Can’t think of a better wine to win!

  52. Morning Hels, have been sampling the delights of Bruce since watching your wine time IGTV where you featured the red. The white is also a weekly basket entry at my local co-op in Cardiff 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🍷

  53. Fabulous giveaway! I absolutely love this wine 🍷. 😍💗

  54. Tracy Barnes-Clark

    Really enjoy your drinks reviews on Saturday Kitchen, always fun, informative and great choices

  55. The go to Red for any Friday evening! Who wouldn’t want to spend the evening relaxing with Bruce after a busy week! 🍷

  56. Ding dong! Gotta love a Shiraz, although i’ve always stuck to Aussie brands. Never put Shiraz and South Africa together, so must give it a go.

    • Lindsey Harrison

      What a great giveaway! This Shiraz sounds perfect for cosy Autumn evenings – my favourite time of year! Would love the opportunity to try some others in the Bruce Jack range 🍷🍁🤞🏼

  57. Nice To Taste You! To Taste You Nice!

  58. What a way to describe this wine…makes me think of cosy nights and scrumptious dinners yum yum 😋 xx

  59. This wine is a beaut!!!

  60. Yes please count me in. Wonderful wines.

  61. You’ve gotta love a great Shiraz – off to find the nearest Co-Op!

  62. Free wine!! What a marvellous idea.

  63. Yes, some good South African wine will be nice!
    Count me in, please.

  64. Wow this would be a very nice way 2 kick off my 40th birthday celebrations pretty pretty please🍾 🍷💖😂

  65. Louise Bennett

    The fact that Bruce Jack wine has such a fabulous benevolent history, it can only serve to make it even more delicious. I’m nipping out to the Co-op to buy a bottle now!

  66. Oooh a little Brucie Bonus!! It’s a 10 from me

  67. I’ve never tried this wine before and I’d love to be able to try it!

  68. Yes please 🍷 wine for the win (and hopefully I’ll be one of the lucky wine-ers!)

  69. I would love to win this wonderful prize! I love Shiraz ❤️🍷Thanks for the opportunity ❤️🍷

  70. I’d love a case of Bruce Jack wine too! We’ve been drinking his rose wine all Summer – delicious! Would love to try the Shiraz 🍷

  71. Hayley Stamper

    This sounds delicious!😍🍷

  72. Sounds like a tasty prize!

  73. I have just discovered Red wine over lockdown ,yes my one good thing to come from the last two years .I would love to win this prize, and discover more about the Red wine world .❤🍷🍷

  74. I love their Chenin blanc but I’ve not tried the red so I would love to win a case of Bruce Jack wine please

  75. Dan Allsobrook

    Yes please 🙏

  76. Daphne Cadogan

    Sounds great! Will pass this news around and hope the Co-op do well, and Bruce reaps the rewards for his good deeds.

  77. Sounds perfect for cosy candle lit evenings now that autumn is creeping in and the nights are drawing in. 🍷🍷

  78. Great prize – would love to try it! 🤞

  79. Would love to win to toast my new flat! Fingers crossed

  80. Yes please am hoping to start our wine and nibbles nights in place of book club for winter 😋

  81. Patricia White

    Hello Helen, what a fabulous prize that would be greatly appreciated, not by me, but my daughter and her partner who have just gone through autism assessment of their beautiful son(my grandson) love them all ♥️

  82. This is a great wine, perfect for those early Autum evenings. Pull up a chair, grab a good book (maybe the latest KMWC offering) pour a glass and that’s a perfect evening.

  83. Will this change my mind about South African wines? I hope so.

  84. Clare Hearnden

    What a super prize, thank you for the opportunity.

    Hubby loves South African wine, this would be great to take with us to Falmouth in December for our family (grown up kids plus us) holiday to celebrate his 60th … unbelievable but true!

  85. What an amazing prize! And the wine sounds perfect for enjoying while snuggled under a blanket with a good book/tv show

  86. Fantastic prize of lovely wine fingers crossed 🤞

  87. Amazing prize, 🤞🏻 I’m one of the lucky ones.

  88. Carol Mitchell

    Love this wine, always up for the chance to stock the rack 🍷 🙏

  89. Autumn and red wine, a match made in heaven, made even better if it is doing good 👏🏼

    • Struggled for years to get into South Africa wine, especially reds. Thanks to doing WSET level 2 during lockdown I’m getting a taste for it. Hopefully I will win a case and I’ll become a fully fledged convert!

  90. Hayley Thomson

    Wonderful prize Helen and just in time for those winter nights in front of the fire 🔥 🍷

  91. This looks like an amazing red wine Helen, I would love to try this and win (obviously)! I can think of nothing better that a good glass of red wine after a hard weeks work in this autumn sunshine 🌻🍁🌻

  92. The kids towels could stay where they lay as we sip on free wine for the rest of the day (fingers crossed) 🥳🥳🥳

  93. Love the story behind this wine, and what a fab giveaway!

  94. Ooohh would be lovely prize to win to kick of autumn and red wine season 😋

  95. Sally Mckendrick

    Fab price! Yes please go wine

  96. Rebecca Taylor

    What a lovely prize of Bruce Jack wine, I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed.🤞

  97. From trying to work out from KM insta puzzle of where to find this competition, and now finally the cork has pulled I need wine! No, I deserve wine. For perseverance, for my sanity, for post Covid fog clearance, because I can’t be bothered to cook dinner …. I need wine. I want Jacks wine. So please, let it be me.

  98. Would to win 😊 because who doesn’t love wine 🍷🍾 & what a fab story 🥰

  99. What a fab prize & who doesn’t love wine 🍾🍷& a fantastic story too 🥰

  100. I love Bruce Jack! I buy their Shiraz Malbec as gifts quite often ☺️🍷

  101. Gina Jakymiw Jackson

    Wonderful prize & love a Helen recommendation. Even better when communities benefit.

  102. Bit of an emotional rollercoaster of a fortnight with elderly parents so would be lovely to win this to ease the strain.
    Even if it isn’t rosé 😉 #NotFussy

    #AlsoKnackered #ButNotAMother

    Good luck everyone 👍🤞

  103. Sounds great to me!

  104. MRs Jodie Baker

    Ooh yes please! I am a knackered mother who loves books, wine and give aways! 😂

  105. Perfect way to celebrate the end of my 100 day dryathlon! Cor I love a lip smacking chunky red X

  106. What an amazing team doing everything they can to support their local community. I suppose I’ll take one for the team and get drinking!! Keep up the amazing work 🍷 😘

  107. Wonderful, yes please

  108. Please! I would love this as much as I have loved all of your recommendations so far!

  109. Oooh… what’s not to love about free vino collapso! I’m sure it will be delicious 😋

  110. What’s not to love about free wine! I’m sure it will be delicious 😋

  111. My 9 year old offering to make his own packed lunch was a small win, this would be a massive win 🤞

  112. This sounds delicious! I’d love to be the winner.

  113. This sounds delicious! What a wonderful prize

  114. Rachel Armstrong

    Dear Bruce Jack, what’s the craic?
    I do love a red, so gimme some slack,
    If you select me, to win your fine grape
    I’ll give some of the bottles to my NHS mates….❤️
    But not all of them ! X

  115. Emma Lichfield

    Oooh yes please….. single and knackered mother of 2!!! 😄🍷

  116. Jackie McDonald

    What’s not to love? I adore South African wine. To my friends I’m Jack. And my cat is called Bruce! 🤣 Chin chin!

  117. Maria Matthews

    Generous giveaway, I’d definitely share this with my beautiful friends on Friday, winedays 🙂

  118. Fab prize and what better to be drinking it whilst watching you on Saturday Kitchen

  119. Catherine Smith

    Brilliant prize – love the Sauvignon Blanc. Would love to win and try rest of the range!

  120. Yummy reds

  121. Sounds fabulous!! Hope I get the chance to try!!!

  122. Lindsey Anne Cumming

    What an amazing red for cold winter nights with warming meals.

  123. Not going to lie, I’m just trying to win some wine for my gal pals 😂 I do love following you on Instagram and Saturday Kitchen though! Cheers!

  124. Be great to win I would share with my girlfriends during a much needed Friday night catch up 🍷🍷

  125. Happy wine Friday! Havent tried that but would be happy to share with my followers. Love something new to try and it sounds really lovely!!!

  126. A perfect Autumn wine. Just what I need 🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷

  127. I only drink red wine these days and I’ve tried Bruce Jack from Tesco -delicious 🍷🍷

  128. Julie Considine

    I would love to share this wine with dear friends…all knackered mums 🍷😆

  129. Trudie Ashenden

    Excellent and my husband ms favourite.

  130. Gill Dally-Fitzsimons

    What a great prize. I would love to win 😊

  131. Richard Johnson

    Sounds a great prize! What a great guy Bruce is too! This would be perfect as a moving in prize for our new home! 🍷 😍 🍷

  132. What a wonderful prize. My husband and I move to red wine drinking in the autumn and would enjoy these very much.

  133. Catherine Hatwood

    Ooh yes please Helen- Red weather is nearing. Love Bruce Jack, especially their Blush pink on the odd warm day and Chenin anytime! Cheers! Febgirlkittycat 😘

  134. It’s a great thing that Bruce Jack does and an amazing set of wines. Yes please

  135. Eric Neethling

    2 years since being back home in SA due to some restrictions, I am looking for the nearest Co-Op now to taste a bit of Bruce Jack, that memory of home.


    Win win indeed! Can’t believe I haven’t tried this wine!

  137. Wonderfull give away

  138. Ooh six bottles! I promise to drink it responsibly 🤞🏻

  139. James Emmerson

    Nice to hear of a winemaker who knows how to make local people happy and fed. Top fella!

  140. Love South African wine and if it’s helping the grower, even better. The Co-op have a great range of wines. Would love to win these.

  141. Sounds fabulous count me in 🍷😊thank you

  142. Ginette Filson

    Oh, yes please, great wine with an excellent backstory. Off to the co-op to get some now!

  143. Would love to give it a try please!

  144. Kathryn Constable

    This sounds like an amazing prize and a fantastic enterprise. I am keeping y fingers crossed. .

  145. Great to see grapes other than pinotage being promoted for South African wines. This Bruce Jack lad sounds like a really good egg. Good on him!

  146. Sounds lovely and ethical to boot! Off I pop to the co-op!

  147. Wonderful idea to win a wonderful wine 🍷!
    Would be great to win such a wine 🤞🏻
    Cheers Helen

  148. About to start harvest, would be wonderful to come back to a bottle of Bruce Jack after an 11-hour shift!

  149. Oh “Good Day” Bruce 😉 what a treat for five lucky winners…

  150. Tracey Jackson

    I’m loving expanding my knowledge of wines. I must add this to my list.

    You have inspired me to choose something different when I go shopping.

    Thanks for adding me into your competition

  151. One of our favourites, taste is delicious and it is ethical.

  152. Gina Hutchings

    What a great prize, perfect for those cozy date nights coming up 🍷❤️🍷

  153. Lovely prize, hope I maybe lucky! 😀🥰

  154. Shirley Mason-Whitfield

    Well I’m so here for a wine that gives a helping hand as well as being satisfying on the palette! Here’s to enjoying an autumn red! Good luck with it all!

  155. Fab opportunity to try, sounds perfect! 🥰🤞

  156. Debbie spencer

    What a great prize made even netter by it being ethical, I’d love to win please !

  157. A very generous prize. Perfect for the autumnal evenings 🍷

  158. Ooh yes please live SA wines.

  159. Helen Robinson

    Love wine, love Fairtrade! Yes please to this ❤️

  160. This would be wonderful – and in time for half term too!! Fingers crossed!

  161. Hey Helen – joined your fantastic wine tasting at Appledore Book Fest and now I’m a committed fan. I’ve bought the book and plenty of wine and a new journey has begun! Exciting times!

  162. What an uplifting story about Bruce and his help for local people! If he goes to that much trouble it would be wrong not to try a bottle or two of his wine 😄

  163. Would love to win. Son has covid, isolating and wine would make it better!

  164. Mrs Jodie Hartley

    Awesome Prize!

  165. I’d love to win this wine, and no, I’m not THAT Nic Appleton 🤣

  166. Lovely reds in time for the Autumn! Yes please!!

  167. Janet Readings

    Autumn, warming casseroles and red wine – yum. Please enter me
    into the draw.

  168. Rebecca Johnson

    Ooh, yes please – fab wine and fab prize.

  169. Ooh I would love to try this 🍷😊

  170. Oh my ! Double whammy time – a chance to drink a fabulous wine AND help the local community to boot. An amazing opportunity. My glass is ready and my fingers are crossed!

  171. Morning! Oh my days I would love to win! Who wouldn’t to be honest? My son asked me if I still read books, I work silly long hours in NHS so not much time to be fair! But I did say I need to start reading again and both your books are on my Christmas list…your book and a nice bottle of Jack’s (it’s meant to be really, as my son’s name is Jack!!!) Failing that I shall pop into my local Co-op as this sounds delish…fingers closed and good luck everyone

  172. Hi Helen
    Always nice to try something new when it’s won🤞 Keep smiling, seeing you on tv always makes my day better. Thank you Orla

  173. First tried a bottle of Bruce Jack Pinotage Malbec last week. One of the more interesting wines I’ve tried recently. Keep up the good work 👍🏻🍷

  174. Sabrina Anderson

    It would be amazing if I won 🍾 … 3 weeks into term and I’m a knackered teacher! Wine 🍷 is my weekend reward 😁

  175. Live this wine Helen. A good friend insisted I try it some months ago. He wasn’t wrong in thinking I’d also love it.

  176. Rebecca Ranford

    What a great prize to celebrate the changing seasons 😀

  177. bruce jack is a real star. try the malbec

  178. Awesome wines to win. Yes please xx

  179. Rebecca Garrill

    I’d like to enter please! Thanks

  180. Joanna Merchant

    I’m in!

  181. This genuine investment in the community and improving the lives of people so integral to making it (but who are so often at the bottom of the pile) makes the wine taste better.

  182. Thanks for the recommendation, I will definitely be picking up a bottle of this when I’m next in my Co Op

  183. Not only a great wine but from a great person as well!

  184. Schoonhoven Lucy

    Oooo yes pls put my name in the hat!

  185. Oh yes please. Perfect to share with my hubby in front of strictly!

  186. What better way to enjoy spending time with your children ( grown up) when they come home to visit, drop their coats , they plonk down on the sofa after raiding the fridge! Open the delicious wine! Got to love’em!!!

  187. Suzanne Marriott

    Who wouldn’t want to win this!!! Great wine, great giveaway ♥️ Keeping fingers, toes crossed 🤞🤞🤞

  188. Kudos to Bruce Jack for making good wine AND supporting good causes. I look forward to finding and trying some. Thank you for sharing!

  189. Sounds amazing, love to try it! 🍷🍷

  190. Sounds amazing. Love to try 🍷🍷

  191. The only time I comment is when there’s a wine in offer! I do love your recommendations though.

  192. Sounds delicious!

  193. Joanne Hamilton

    Definitely want to try this wine! Looks fantastic..fingers crossed for a win! Love your blog xxx

  194. Wow what a prize and with your recommendation I can’t wait to see if I have won!!! ❤️

  195. annabelle maclay

    A case of that would defiantly be a Brucey bonus!! Happy weekend everyone!! 🍷🍷🍷🍷🙏🏻🤞🤞💕

  196. More wet towels!!!!
    Help! send wine 🍷😜 xx

  197. Helen Sheppard

    Sounds Great!! :o)

  198. Derek Whitcher

    Love Bruce Jack. You’ve got to be in it to win it!

  199. Alex Whitehurst

    This would help get over those small wet towel on the floor battles!!! 🤪

  200. Love the look of this wine. I’ve just recently discovered South African wine and I know this one will be perfect for the cooler autumnal evenings. Cheers 🍷🍷💕

  201. christine harris

    I love Bruce Jack wine 🍷🙌🏻

  202. Would love to try this. Often find myself searching out your recommendations with a high success rate of tasting some real gems.

  203. Yum yes please 😋 Always love a nice red after an autumn walk with the kids

  204. All right Brucey!

  205. You have to be in it to win it! Thank you Helen!😘

  206. What a great initiative. Will pop along to my co-op later (although winning a case would be lovely as well)

  207. Yes please! would love to try. CO -op just down the road so will pop down to see if they have it!

  208. Social responsibility and fabulous wine, a winning combination x

  209. What a brilliant prize!! Thanks for the opportunity to win fabulous wine. Just in case I don’t win, I’m off to the Coop to buy one to try!! Cheers! 🍷

  210. Jenny Dickinson

    Ooo I love a good hearty red as the nights start drawing in!

  211. Julieann Jefford

    Well, what a treat! I do like a good SA Shiraz.

  212. This sounds wonderful – I would love to try it.

  213. Margaret Clarkson

    Cheers! Thank you so much for running this fabulous competition. What a treat it would be to win.

  214. James Griffiths

    What a guy, what a wine! Perfect for autumn!

  215. Oh wow sounds delicious 😋 🍷 🤞🏼

    • Great idea. I love conscious consumerism. I have been introduced to 2 new products in 1 link share from a girlfriend. If I win, I will defo gather the girls for a mini bookclub, drink one bottle and take another home. Case closed! Haha.

  216. Lovely giveaway 😊🍷

  217. Wine time! Woohoo! Sometimes we call wine ‘let’s chill juice’ or ‘we got through the week juice’ and even…we finally got the cat to ‘stop scratching the door juice’. We could call this batch the ‘Bruce juice’ 😄

  218. A nice strong red for a good price. Yes please!

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