Homemade Cranberry & Orange Gin

I posted a reel on Instagram (now there’s a sentence I never thought I’d say) recently showing how to make a Dirty Pink Prosecco. One of the ingredients is a homemade Cranberry & Orange Gin and I’ve had lots of requests for the recipe so here it is. FYI a small bottle of this makes for a great present and it really does take minutes.

If you’re making up a big (litre) bottle I use 200g of cranberries (usually frozen), 200g of sugar (I know that sounds like a terrifying amount but honestly cranberries are tart enough to take it and without sugar the flavours just aren’t as balanced) and the peel of an orange sliced into thin strips. Put everything into a clean jar or bottle and fill up with around 70cl of gin then seal and shake gently every day for a week. You can either decant it then or leave it for a bit longer if you want more flavour.

If you want to make smaller bottles (like the 500ml ones in the picture above) the quantities are slightly different. I fill the bottle up just under a third with cranberries, pour in approx. 10 teaspoons of sugar, add 10 thin strips of orange then top up with gin.

Use a good quality own label London Dry Gin if you can (the Co-op one is great). Gorgeous in a festive G&T or add a dash to pink prosecco and make it dirty.

Back next week with a little competition x

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  • Peggy russell
    2 years ago

    Can you use clementine peel .

  • 1 year ago

    Can’t wait to try this out! Great one!

  • Sue roberts
    2 weeks ago

    Does it work as well and is it the same quantities with fresh cranberries

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