Fête Wine Giveaway!

They say you never forget your first love (I married mine but that’s another story). Anyway, point is when you first fall for someone – or something – you never forget it. With wine, the first place I fell for was France. When I was training to be a wine buyer for a big supermarket years ago, the Loire Valley was one of the first regions I was given to look after. Bordeaux and Beaujolais soon followed and to this day, those regions remain among my absolute favourites. The Loire Valley is stuffed with so many styles you could drink wine from here alone and never get bored. Bordeaux offers great value if you know where to look and Beaujolais produces bright, joyous wines in one of the most beautiful landscapes I’ve ever seen.

So when new wine brand Fête des Flaveurs came along, celebrating these particular regions and flavours of France, I couldn’t resist. We’ve got a mixed case of six bottles up for grabs just in time to stock up the wine rack for December. To enter, simply leave a comment here on the blog and a winner will be picked next week. For a (virtual) taste of what to expect, see this week’s recommendations. Good luck!

T&Cs: UK residents only. Must be over 18 years old to enter. Competition closes on 8th December 2021 at 11.59pm. The winner will be notified by email and the prize will be posted to the winner after that date.

This post is sponsored by Fête des Flaveurs.


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  1. Yay! Would love this prize

  2. Judy McDonnell

    Like many other a delivery like this would make my week

  3. france – going for a simple messaging approach. cheers to that!

  4. Fingers crossed – but looks like a trip to sainsburys is in order!

  5. Ceri Harries

    Great prize

  6. Marion & Ken

    We would so love these in our Christmas Stocking 😍

  7. Gillian Mansbridge

    Although I never win these ‘competitions’:-

    “if your not in, you can’t win from Helen McGinn”

  8. Elizabeth Fuente Avila

    Christmas has come early 😍

  9. What a lovely brand, bringing together many of my favourite wines.
    I’d love to win this case.

  10. Having just complete my first Dryathlon for Cancer Research in a cold, wet November I would love to taste some of this. Sounds delicious!

  11. Having just complete my first Dryathlon for a cancer Research in November I would love to try some of this. Sounds delicious!

    • Your story is so resonant Helen. I loved Loire & Bordeaux without even realising. Only learning about it all much much later. Beaujolais & Loire are now amongst my favourite wines. This is a fab prize.

  12. What a fantastic competition! Good luck everyone! :o)

  13. Oh! What a wine to be in with a chance of winning.

  14. Sarah Gibson

    This prize would be an amazing addition to Christmas 🎄

  15. Yes please! Would love to try these.

  16. Kevin Hurley

    Recommended, good value wines from my local supermarket – what’s not to love

  17. Cheers to that 🍷

  18. Trina Redshaw

    Fantastic selection and great to have the food recommendations – my mind is already planning what to pair with them, even this early in the am!🤪

  19. French wine is amazing, we’d love to try these over Christmas with friends

  20. Oops, email address wrong. Wine looks great though!

  21. Shaun Bennett

    It’s always France for me!

  22. Sandra Macdonald

    Ooh La La!! I hope it’s me!!

  23. Sophie Wilkinson

    Sounds delicious!

  24. Perfect for Christmas 🎄

  25. Dee Taliadoros

    Would love to win please!

  26. My wine rack is ready and waiting to be replenished!

  27. Jo Scattergood

    Ooh how lovely. That would make a very Merry Christmas time! 🎄

  28. Great memories of visiting wine caves in Loire valley in our campervan – pre-kids! This would be a fabulous treat!

  29. Janet Readings

    Would be a super Christmas treat.

  30. Shame! Had Bangers & Mash last night – have Beaujolais Villages next time!

  31. Shame, had Bangers & Mash yesterday – have Beaujolais Villages next time!

  32. I didn’t marry my 1st love, or my 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc (I fell in love easily in those days), but the one I eventually married introduced me to Beaujolais over 40 years ago and it is still one of my favourites

  33. France calls me, I’m very much missing visiting just now, it’s been over two years. Loire Valley and the Rhone are my favourite wines, Bordeaux is an area we have yet to visit. Beaujolais Villages would certain bring back happy memories, à la vôtre.

  34. Be lovely for Christmas

  35. This prize reminds me of my lovely old house in Burgundy which I have had for 20 years and all the wounderful wine and food I miss, I never expected that when I closed the door in November 2019 that due to Covid19 I would not have returned there in the last two years.

  36. It would be rude not to comment…love the sound of this.😍

  37. Will certainly give these wines a try! On my Sainsburys shopping list!

  38. Amelia Franklin

    What a fantastic treat this would be for Crimbo!
    Good luck everyone 🤞🏻🤞🏻

  39. Catherine Ramsay

    These sound delicious 😋

  40. Rachel Liddon

    These wines would be such a Christmas treat!

  41. Would love to to try these they look fab

  42. Would love to try these.

  43. 🍷 ooh would be lovely to win!

  44. My first love was an Italian dessert wine, I didn’t realise that I could enjoy dessert wines, had always dismissed them as being too sweet. A lovely prize from one of my favourite regions today, keeping fingers crossed for a win! X

  45. In so many ways, these wines set the standard for other wines to be judged by. Clean, fruit-driven and full of taste. Not sure what more I could ask for.

  46. Have added a trip to Sainsburys to the Christmas drinks list. These wines sound superb.

  47. These wines sound fantastic, what a wonderful giveaway x

  48. Another great recommendation and a fab festive giveaway! 🤞❤️

  49. For me, France is simply heaven. How amazing is it when you find a wine which takes you to that place?

  50. What a lovely prize and opportunity. It sounds like the perfect wine to enjoy while reading your new novel!

  51. Sounds great- I would love to give these a try!

  52. Tracey Jackson

    My first love I met again 10 years ago and is now my best friend and parter for our restaurant nights out.

    If I win then we can have a few nights in with food and wine instead.

    Happy Christmas

  53. Missing travelling to France so a case to drink would be great!!

  54. Yes please, these wines sound great.

  55. Looking forward to (hopefully) trying these wines

  56. This prize would be a great introduction to good French wines for our family, having being disappointed so often with our own choices. Having tried some of Helen’s other recommendations from Saturday Kitchen, I know this case will not disappoint.

    • Completely understand how you fell in love with these wines. When I was 20, I spent a year teaching English in France and so began my love affair with French wines especially from the Loire and Bordeaux.

  57. Lovely, yes please!

  58. Sounds great, yes please!!

  59. A big fan of the Loire for wine. Some beautiful wine styles. Remembering a lovely holiday there many years ago with lots of tasting of course.

  60. Chin chin x 🍷

  61. Susan Jane Gray

    I would love to win this a fine Wine Collection. I am a lover of Good Wines

  62. Leyla Newling

    What a great prize, thanks Helen. 🍷

  63. Yes please! Sounds delicious!

  64. christine harris

    They’ve been added to the shopping list but would love to win the 6 🍷🍇😍

  65. Pauline Knight

    This would be perfect for celebrating my 68th Xmas day birthday with my family. XXX

  66. We drank gallons of Beaujolais growing up. My father took part in The Beaujolais Run every year through the 70s & 80s – a midnight race back to Britain with their car boot filled with the latest release of pinky-red Beaujolais Nouveau! Would obviously donate the prize to my father if I won 😉

  67. Ooh what a treat this would be!

  68. Lyndsay Peck

    What a fantastic prize! we don’t often choose French wines, so would love to try these wines with friends! THANKS

  69. Michelle Mason

    These sound wonderful! I’d love to win.

  70. Fingers crossed for this one, Hels! Mx

  71. Eddie Davies

    Can only agree that. I was blown away by the variety on offer on my first visit to the Loire that I stopped off (usually in Saumur )) to fill my boot before heading home. Happy days wonder if we can ever get back and enjoy to same extent again?

  72. Katrina Gibbs

    Not an area I am familiar with so would be a great prize to help get acquainted

  73. Samantha Day

    What a lovely link to memories of the wines and regions. Would love to taste the wine x

  74. Jennifer Roberts

    Yes please – would love to win this prize.

  75. Bridgette Ryan

    Happy Birthday to me 🎉😋🥳🥂

  76. These sound delicious, a great way to enjoy France without the travel (and passenger locator forms, and day 2 testing!)

  77. Gemma Coleman

    I wish my careers advisor at school had suggested training to become a wine taster🤣🍷🥂

  78. LaLa would love it

    Must be my turn!!

  79. LaLa would love it

    Must be my turn..!

  80. Looking forward to trying wines from this brand – so would love to win…

  81. Michael Chirnside

    Cherries and blueberries: my favourite breakfast fruits! So does that mean I can drink this in the morning, and have it count towards my 5/10-a-day?🤷🏻‍♂️ Asking for a friend…😉😂

  82. Carol Mitchell

    This would be perfect for our Christmas celebration meals, love to try new wines 🍷🍷

  83. Linda Cummings

    It’s my birthday on 8th December so this would be a fabulous birthday gift!

  84. Joanne Hamilton

    Would be a fantastic prize for drinking on Christmas day!! X

  85. Sat by the fire with a glass of wine, after a 4.30 start – in all weathers, shooing sheep, cajoling cattle, precarious pigs, pampered ponies, would be so very welcomed 😄

  86. Fingers crossed!

  87. Loving this website, found it a few weeks ago, brilliant for finding a nice couple of bottles to go with the Roast. My Anniversary today, 23 happy years so I am looking for something special.

  88. Richard Scott

    Oh yes please

  89. Sounds like many happy memories in a glass

  90. Ian Bromilow

    Fingers crossed…

  91. Ali Stockwell

    Great prize!

  92. They’re onto my shopping list

  93. Catherine Lewis

    This would be a fabulous prize to share with rest friends and family #lifeestooshortforbadwinedays

  94. Yes luuurrrrrve a fancy red ❤

  95. Gemma Williams

    Faites un tour de France…fantastique! What a fabulous selection of wines.

  96. Yes please would be fab 🍷

  97. Sarah Alexander

    Always first is very special.. 🥳
    Looks a fab prize!!

  98. Lauren Denton

    What lovely wines to celebrate Christmas with. Fingers crossed!

  99. What a lovely Christmas treat this would be x

  100. My friends and I follow you and your recommendations religiously.
    Thank you for being such fun and informative.
    Crossed fingers x

  101. The wine rack always needs restocking. Would love to win this. Merry Christmas one and all!

  102. Sounds perfect. Added to my sainsburys shop for delivery in the weekend!

  103. I would love to try this and share this with my family at Christmas. I love trying new wines. It’s exciting. Cheers xx

  104. Louise Jackman

    Ooooh yes please, these sound delicious!

  105. Belinda Marshall

    I would love to win this! Fingers crossed 🤞

  106. I would love this. Been another tough year at work in our GP surgery.

  107. I would love to win this. Had another tough year working at our GP surgery. xxx

  108. Joanne Roberts

    Oooh yea please 🙏 I would ❤️ to win this 🍷🍾

  109. Nick Roberts

    Fab prize, love Touraine!

  110. Keeping fingers & toes crossed for this one!

  111. These look fabulous- fingers crossed x

  112. Angela Doyle

    Could this be a fete accomplis – see what I did there ?! Cheers would be lovely !

  113. James Griffiths

    Great idea -would love these for our family Christmas get together!

  114. Would love this under the tree 🎄
    Gamay was my first love of red wine (from the slopes of Savoir)

  115. Great prize, love to win something this year!!
    Good luck to all😀

  116. They sound great! Would be amazing to stock my new wine rack up with these!

  117. Great choice and elegant bottles

  118. Wine please 🍷 🙏🏻

  119. These look great. Fingers crossed

  120. This would certainly bring some festive cheer to my house! Cheers! 🎄🍷

  121. These bottles look beautifully French, I’d love to taste what’s inside them. Cheers Helen 🎅🏼🎄

  122. Beverly Govin

    What a fabulous giveaway – I’d love to try
    Thankyou 🍷

  123. Christine Shipp

    Having extended family round for Xmas for the first time in several years. This wine would certainly help us enjoy the moment even more!

  124. I fell in love with wine in France too! Mine was less idyllic though, it was a trip to Calais with my late mother to stock up on some wine for Christmas. We stopped for some steak and pomme frites in the olde worlde restaurant in the hypermarche, and the red wine was divine. I was never a fan before, I just hadn’t been trying the right wines! I stocked up that year on some incredible French wines and have been a fan ever since!

  125. Janene Cherry

    I recently bought and tried the Fete recommended on your latest blog. It isn’t the sort of wine I would normally buy but I am trying to give different wines a try recently. I was surprised how much I liked it and I would definitely buy it again. Thanks for another great recommendation.

  126. Barry Rainbird

    Hi Helen, just re watched your show with Stanley Tucci, Genaro, Angela and Matt. Always a good watch when you are on. Anyway, I have just made the Ribollita Tuscan soup recipe and it’s in the oven ready to serve at 1900! Unfortunately I will be having it with my home made Rose (It goes with everything I make). Hope you and your family have a good Christmas and look forward to seeing you on the TV in the New Year,

  127. For the love of all the 🍷 xx

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