Navarra Wine Giveaway!

It’s half term! No school run, no packed lunches, no last minute panics locating lost/clean school uniform and no form-filling. It’s almost felt like a mini-break of sorts even if we haven’t been anywhere. But I do have something for you this week that promises to virtually transport you to warmer climes. Specifically, the beautiful Navarra region in northern Spain, close to the Pyrenees. Navarra has long been famous for its fabulous rosé wines (big fan right here) but the reds are simply gorgeous and the cooler spots in the region are producing some of the country’s best Chardonnay. I’ve got a mixed case (6 bottles) worth over £80 up for grabs and all you have to do to be in with a chance of winning it is leave a comment here on the blog and a winner will be picked next week. For a (virtual) taste of what to expect, see this week’s recommendations. Good luck!

T&Cs: UK residents only. Must be over 18 years old to enter. Competition closes on 5th November 2021 at 11.59pm. The winner will be notified by email and the prize will be posted to the winner after that date.

This post is sponsored by Wines of Navarra.

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  1. Patricia Sey

    The end of half term will definitely signal the need for fresh new wines in the cupboard… great giveaway as ever 🤞👍

  2. Not the half-term we had planned due to covid in the household. Wine as usual has got us through – especially a nice red on a crisp winter’s evening.

  3. Looking at the weather outside, I could really do with imagining myself somewhere warmer/less wet. I feel like these wines might help haha.

  4. I don’t have children but the weather has turned cold, wet and blustery in Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 so a nice glass of wine in the evening is perfect.

  5. Knackering day out at a farm with our 19 month old. Would love a wine but will probably be asleep in seconds and have to go out again tonight to my WI so better not!

  6. Looking forward to the post half term holiday holiday, many wines will be consumed!

    • Love your recommendations, saves me the time researching for great wines. Would love to try these wines ready for the cold, long and dark winter evenings. Keep them coming!

  7. A week of no early mornings, no timetables, no changes to cover, no behaviour call outs. A week a rest and a cheeky glass or 2. Roll on the Christmas holidays

    • A week in Scotland for half term would be nicely rounded off with a lovely glass of warming red or crisp fruity white would be perfect. These wines sound wonderful…

  8. Our holidays are over here in Edinburgh so definitely need wine!

  9. I would love to try this wine!

  10. More great wine tips and wine that is easy to buy. Looking forward to the Christmas sparkling highlights. Last year highlights lasted through the year👍

  11. Love Navarra, especially Bodegas Ochoa…

  12. Orla O’Dowd

    A lovely midterm gift!
    About 6+ years ago your book was our book club read- and thank god. Have been mixing it up ever since.

  13. Is it half term, I wondered why my daughter is at home! Drinking a great Pinot noir from Lidl and liking the nosecco from COOP. Keep us entertained on Saturday.

  14. Alexandra Arber

    Loved your reaction to Gary Barlow saying your name! I am a real fan of your books and wine knowledge! A case of wine would be such a treat, I’ve just started a new job now my girls have started school and the juggle is real!!!!

  15. Half term and still working full time. So still have to sort out childcare, which inevitably means a nice glass of wine when home to relieve the stress.

  16. Alison Howard

    My daughter has flown the nest to uni but the others half’s kids have been off. They have a big Halloween bash planned for Sunday – will definitely need a glass or 3 to help the evenings festivities! Great blog as always. Cheers 🍾🍷

  17. Hannah Taylor

    I’ve been holding the fort at work whilst everyone else has been on half term holiday. Much wine has been drunk!

  18. Catherine Ramsay

    Salud! What better way to enjoy the autumn than with some Spanish Red?

  19. Unfortunately we had covid in the family over half term too.. Children still had fun though

  20. My children are way beyond school age so no half term for me but I would love to try this wine. Sounds just up my street.

  21. Nothing nicer than a glass of Spanish red on a cold, dark night, curled up watching a good film.

  22. For medicinal purposes ! Thank you for a chance to try

  23. Such a fan of yours – a kindred spirit! The wines sound divine – would love to visit the region 🍷😀

  24. Yes please to trying Navarra, love your wine recommendations, they’ve opened up my taste buds to new wines 🍷😍

  25. Shaun Bennett

    The red wines of Navarra are def underrated. I love them!

  26. Geoff Harper

    Your book and blog have opened up a whole new world. Thankyou. Your suggested Gary Barlow was an eye opener. Keep it coming.

  27. Lisa Redgrave

    What a treat.
    I’d love to win

  28. Bridgette Ryan

    Me encantaría ganar este vino, muchas gracias Helen.

  29. Kate Elis-Williams

    After looking after grandchildren fir half term … this would be a perfect way to recover !

  30. Please send wine – need help to get through the gallop to Christmas 😆

  31. Help – send wine (please) – a Covid half term.

  32. Ah yes this would be a perfect prize at the end of a half term week of rubbish weather and a poorly one with Covid! A perfect remedy!

  33. Samantha Gray

    I’ve honestly never tried a wine from Navarro so definitely up for a new tasting experience, especially if it’s fit for a autumnal evening!

  34. Would love to try these wines, they sound fab!

  35. Jenny Dickinson

    Half term chaos of decorating with my daughters wanting to ‘help’!! Wine much needed and these sound delicious!

  36. Carmen Diment

    I’m with Kate EW, grandchildren are joyous and knowing that you’ve made a small difference to our sometimes frazzled children’s busy lives, deserves a small treat 😊

  37. trish macrory

    Half-term or not wine is always the answer and as for a good book…perfect

  38. Paul Edmunds

    I am a teacher, so counting down the hours to being back in school next week.
    Wine helps me through the highs and lows during term time, so hopefully you’ll pick my name out of the hat in this competition. Keep up the great work Helen!

  39. Kathryn Constable

    It is back to school and work next week, but these wines would be perfect for the school mum’s catch up, support and nibbles on Friday evenings.

  40. Val Chestnutt

    Always ready to try Spanish wine after staying on lots of vineyards whilst travelling around this wonderful country in our motorhome. Back home now but the wines bring back beautiful memories.

  41. Can’t go wrong with a lovely Spanish red….🍷 would love to try them.

  42. Trina Redshaw

    Always enjoy wine but even more so now with your recommendations – we are loving trying things we wouldn’t have done before! 🍷

  43. Rebecca Johnson

    I’d love to try these wines- they sound fabulous!

  44. Sounds lovely perfect for my 40th birthday next month 🥰

  45. Such a treat to enjoy new wines and wines I wouldn’t necessarily pick out for myself. A fab giveaway!

  46. Mrs Jodie Hartley

    It’s been a long half term! 😀

  47. joanna manley

    I’ve been put off by Chardonnay after a particularly drunken camping experience – have been literally too scared to try again, so this would be an opportunity. I’m guessing the trick is moderation but after a birthday and half term in isolation…

  48. Janet Readings

    Just in time for Christmas – if it lasts that long! Loving interactions on Saturday Kitchen.

  49. Wines from Navarra? Absolute nirvana if you ask me! Wines that hold you tight and warm your heart. Wonderful stuff

  50. I recently tried the Navarra Rose as recommended in your book and it was delish! I would definitely be interested in sampling the Chardonnay.

  51. Leyla Newling

    What a fab gift for the end if half term!

  52. Carol Mitchell

    Hola 🇪🇸, yes please Helen count me in, I love Spanish wine and can’t wait to go back and sample them under the sun ☀️

  53. I love a glass of red 🍷and I am looking forward to trying the Navarra wine when I win 🤩 🤞🤞

  54. Life is always better when accompanied by Rose

  55. chardonnay from a new region for me
    yes pleasw!

  56. The wines sound awesome as does the Navarro region (I’d love to visit one day). For now I’ll stick to trying the wine.

  57. What a lovely way to slink into the Post Half Term / Pre Christmas Frenzy ! I wonder how quickly I could make 6 bottles of wine disappear 🤔….only one way to find out !

  58. Lyndsay Peck

    We’d love to give these a try in our house! Cheers!

  59. With so many days of rain forecast, anything that reminds me of Spain is a great big plus! Thanks Helen!

  60. Amanda Little

    I remember the bliss of half term – a mini holiday indeed when you are a working Mum – autumn half term always the best with long walks through the fallen leaves & Halloween to look forward to! My sons loved carving pumpkins 🎃

  61. Love Spanish wines, and would like to try then with all sorts of winter comfort food – stews, soups 😍

  62. Well-timed competition, Helen. With the miserable weather, likely to persist over the weekend, Spain in a glass is just the tonic!

  63. Tanya Cutler

    Ooh lovely Helen, and just as we start to build our Christmas wine up so we have a glass (or bottle) or two ready to go

  64. Joanne Hamilton

    These wines sound perfect for a cozy Autumn night in!

  65. Definitely the weather to move away from the Rose to a Red!

  66. Love the wine reviews. Have discovered so many new wines from so many sources…..long may they continue

  67. It’s Red Weather indeed! Thank you Helen for the chance to win! Febgirlkittycat here 🍷🍂🍁

  68. Gemma Coleman

    Another great give a away 👍always looking to try new wines😊

  69. You had me at “the reds are simply gorgeous”. I’d love to sample some new wines and these sound perfect.

  70. Sí, por favor

  71. Sounds good!!

  72. Oooh! Count me in for the draw. And having read the KMWG I now make notes on every bottle i buy. I’d love to make some notes on those reds!

  73. A lovely visit to the Pumpkin patch with my grand daughter. A nice glass of wine to wash down all this pumpkin 🎃

  74. Pauline Welsh

    Sounds the perfect way to embrace the clocks going back and the darker nights to cosy in , cheers 🍷

  75. Clare Semple

    Ooh yes! Would love to win this – perfect for a girls weekend with Uni friends at the end of the month! X

  76. A perfect Halloween treat 🍷 🎃 👻

  77. I love a nice glass of red wine in the Autumn. These would be very nice, with the fire in and a dog as a hot water bottle in the settee! 🍷🐶

  78. Ah good wine – got to love it!

  79. New wine is always welcome!

  80. Marios Kyprianou

    These sound absolutely delicious! Wouldn’t say no to winning a freebie before buying ha

  81. christine harris

    I love Spain 🇪🇸 & I love trying new wines 🍷 🙌🏻🤞🏻

  82. A white wine drinker always on the lookout for a new red wine to try! Especially on colder nights!

  83. Jennifer Roberts

    I would love to win! Despite being off work to cover the half-term break, it was definitely not a holiday! It’s been a stressful few weeks; I started a new job just as my youngest started school (has not settled in very well) and my husband being moved into a job he hates following a restructure. A mixed case of wine would be appreciated.

  84. A perfect end to the half term!! Lovely red with autumn red leaves

  85. Great giveaway!

  86. Lorraine Peat

    This sounds like the perfect giveaway , especially now the nights are colder , darker & generally miserable. Something to keep me company while reading in front of the fire 🤞

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