It’s the Easter Holidays! Or as I like to call it, that time when I spend the mornings trying to get my teenagers out of bed, the afternoon driving them around and any time in between checking they haven’t discovered this year’s hiding place for the Easter eggs. Actually, I posted a picture of a bag of Mini Eggs on Instagram last week asking if it was too early to go in. The responses were priceless. Unsurprisingly, the answer was a hard no and so to make up for it I made a huge chocolate cake at the weekend and covered it with Mini Eggs. It got the teenagers out of bed, at least.

In other news, after more than two years doing Saturday Kitchen from home I was finally allowed back into the studio a few weeks ago. Much as I loved being able to do my Saturday job from home during lockdown, usually still in my tracksuit bottoms and slippers, it was a total joy to be back. I got to eat the food, pour the wine and see everyone in real life. Nothing beats that. Not even Mini Eggs.

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