And so this is Christmas…

I’m not sure quite when it was that I turned into my mother, but I have spent the last hour making mince pies. I’ve been accompanied by a Christmas playlist – made by still-bearded husband – and a rather gorgeous glass of Chianti Classico. Nonetheless, no-one warned me middle-aged Christmas domesticity would come and slap me in the face in my own kitchen without so much as an introduction.

Actually I’m not there yet. I burnt the bloody mince pies.

This week’s white on the side is:
Botter Prosecco, £8 a bottle from Source Wines,
Served earlier tonight at my mother’s 65th birthday drinks potty, the entire village is now lightly infused with the rose-scented deliciousness that is Prosecco from the Valdobbiadene region.

This week’s red on the side:
Aforementioned Chianti Classico. However, this one is only available in the US (Re del Castello Chianti Classico 2007) and I needed to taste it for work purposes. Seriously. All red fruits and spice, the taste of Christmas.

Cheers dears x

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  1. Hope the mince pies have cognac in them.
    Merry Christmas!

  2. Wish you told me that tip before I made/burnt them! Happy Christmas fellow wino x

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