I was locked in a padded cell in a karaoke bar in Soho for two hours on Saturday night and learnt the following:

1. Girls Aloud is not as good karaoke material as you might think.
2. I Know Him So Well – with one playing Babs and the other Elaine – however, is very good indeed.
3. The end of Hey Jude (the na-na’s) goes on for AGES.
4. Sex on Fire sung by seven mothers with eighteen children between them was probably not the cover the Kings of Leon had hoped for.
5. Next time remember to tell bearded-once-again husband if one of the children needs to be at a birthday party at 10am on Sunday morning and I’m not back from night away in time to take him myself.

This week’s white in the fridge:
Yaldara Chardonnay 2008, £4.75, currently half price by the case from http://www.tesco.com/
Lots of people say they ‘don’t like Chardonnay’. This troubles me as chances are they’ve had one or two bad experiences with an over-oaked or utterly-butterly Chardonnay from Australia. Generally, Aussie Chardonnay is much more subtle these days but still with that unmistakeable brightness of fruit that a sunnier climate imparts. Try this one: peaches and nectarines jostle about together with a cream-soda quality to boot. A cuddle in a glass. 

Current red on the side:
Chateau Montesquieu 2007, £5, http://www.sourcewines.com/
This is a southern French red made from a cocktail of Grenache, Syrah and Carignan grapes grown in the Cotes de Rousillon region. Here, the sum of the parts is almost certainly greater than the wines would have been had they been made as stand-alone varietal wines. Blackcurrant, spice and nutmeg warm up the nose and come to life in the mouth. Sit the bottle open by the fire and see how the wine changes over the course of a few hours. Delicious.  

Cheers dears x

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  1. Sounds like a class night. I can only imagine the torture of the end of Hey Jude going on and on and on … I think I might have given up halfway (but I do get bored easily).

  2. Class, yes. Classy, no. Fell over in my heels twice whilst dancing but that was due to the not-often-worn heels rather than the pre-karaoke martinis. Probably.

  3. Yay, the beard is back!
    Don't normally imbibe in Chardonnays for the very reasons you say that most people shy away. Why bother when there are a plethora of other whites Viognier, Rousanne, Chenin blanc, Pinot blanc, SB etc. Did have a stainless version from NZ and I must admit it was very refreshing in it's approach.
    As for the red, I'm not a fan of 100% of anything. Blending is a blessing for your tastebuds.

  4. I know, didn't realise how much I loved the beard until it disappeared. With you on blends. Why have a painting with just one colour?

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