The Napa/Nappy Valley Set

Last night we held a Knackered Mothers’ Wine Club tasting at a local restaurant (the amazing Graze) to raise a bit of cash for our local nursery. It was a heady mix: eight wines + inquisitive people up for trying different wines + company of friends both old and new. The result was delicious. Lots of laughter, slurping, a bit of spitting, far more swallowing (no giggling at the back) and generally great chat about wine.

Crushed grapes can bind people together and make life taste better. I love that.

This week’s white on the side:
Camino San Pedro Sauvignon Blanc/Verdejo 2008, £6,
This Spanish white is as lovely as its maker, Sam Harrop, a Kiwi Master of Wine. Blending the ubiquitous SB grape with the Verdejo grape gives this wine an international feel with a truly Spanish twist. Lime-scented with deliciously long flavours, this was a great match for our griddled salmon fillets tonight.

Current red on the side:
Cosme Palacio Rioja 2006, £8.49,
There were a few open bottles left over after last night’s tasting and this is the one I took home. The wine goes like this: blackcurrant, black cherry, vanilla, white pepper, blackcurrant again, hint of tobacco. I am not making this up. Drink it.  

Chin chin xx

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  1. Great post…laughed (giggled) out loud!

  2. Thanks Vinogirl…it was a really fun night and raised £600! Middle son's nursery is going to have marble floors and gold taps in the bathroom at this rate x

  3. Great evening KM! What was the number 6? – from your description I reckon it was the cassis laden Cosme. My favourite – like drinking a well cared for antique french sideboard. mmmmm. Will pick some up for sunday lunch (or the st emillion tescos have on offer)…. pip pip

  4. Thanks Adam, so pleased you enjoyed it! No. 6 (the first red) was the Chateau Montesquieu 2007 but you did look happiest drinking the Cosme mentioned in the post above. Can highly recommend the Finest St Emilion too, it is looking very good at the moment. Have a good weekend y'all x

  5. What a great idea, sorry I missed it. Very sorry.

  6. Well, am thinking I could do a virtual twitter tasting for us lot at some point…whaddayathink?

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