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There are few things more dull than being stuck with the man who talks to your boobs rather than face at dinner but there is someone who trumps him in my experience: The Wine Bore. The WB uses wine knowledge like a weapon, beating those around him into submission with presumed superior wine powers. I’d be mortified to be labelled as such but if you ever catch me employing WB tactics, I’m doing it for a very good reason. I’m trying to get rid of the man who’s talking to my boobs. 

This week’s white in the fridge:
Tilimuqui Fairtrade Single Vineyard Torrontés 2009 Mendoza, Argentina, £5.99, Waitrose (http://www.waitrose.com/)
Torrontes is the grape white hope for Argentina and it is certainly very different, unusual even, but in a good way. The aroma is best described as floral and the taste as grapey. I know this sounds like a really lazy tasting note but try it and you’ll see what I mean. Supped last night with a fishcake. Utterly delicious.

Current red wine on the side:
Ogio Primitivo 2008, IGT Puglia, Italy, £8.99 down to £4.26 if bought by the case, Tesco (http://www.tesco.com/)
Tonight, the newly non-bearded husband is away so I am joined by a brooding Italian instead. An old friend, in fact. This one has black cherry fruit flavours, chocolate and spice too. All from the Puglia region, where the heat helps give the ripened grapes an almost raisin-like flavour. Eat with pasta with a spicy kick.

Fillerup x

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  1. Torrentes is defo one of my favourite varietals, to be supped on a hot Napa afternoon (I'm bored with winter now).

  2. so funny, it took me a while to come round to torrontes, didn't like the mouthful of perfume feel to it but with the right surroundings (blue sky + sun) and food I love it. Just not everyday! x

  3. I've actually just bought some of that Ogio and really love it. I've just been sent several tonnes of Green & Black's chocolate to test and I found it the perfect accompaniment to the really dark 85% chocolate. Nom!

    PS: Do you bake as well as drink? If so, I have a challenge for you! http://englishmum.com/2010/02/08/the-great-cupcake-challenge/

  4. Done! Glad you like the Ogio. Got a cracker coming up tomorrow x

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