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Back from Bordeaux, a few pounds heavier but happy, very happy. Tasting the new vintage wines straight from the barrel with the winemaker is a pretty special experience. The 2009 wines are looking lovely; very ripe, full of sweet fruit and lots of alcohol. It will be a while before we’re drinking them, so in the meantime get thee to Tesco where its Spring Wine Festival is on. Here’s what we drank last night:

Tesco Finest Chablis 2009, £5 (usually £8.94),
I am sorry, I’ve done this one before but it really is such a refreshingly good wine and with nearly £4 off its usual price it tastes even better. Lemon fresh, with mouth-puckering acidity and long citrus flavours. It is ever-so-slightly austere, rather like a maiden aunt. Such a great change from buttery New World Chardonnays.

Chateau de Lussac 2002, Lussac St-Emilion, £13.28,
This is made from classic red Bordeaux grapes, Merlot and Cabernet Franc, grown in the so-called Saint Emilion satellite village of Lussac. Red Bordeaux has made it difficult for us to love it, due to excessively high prices for the really smart stuff and variable quality at the cheap end. But a good, not-cheap-but-not-ridiculous one such as this will show what’s to love. Firm, cassis-like fruit together with beautifully structured tannins and balance.

Chin chin x

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  1. Oh, for a Tesco in Moscow… (Still Husband is back in London tomorrow, so thanks for the tip on where to send him for return home treats!)

  2. Don't laugh I can't think of my nearest Tesco ! I think there might be one in Fulham. The Man From the Ministry wants to meet you – funny that. He also thinks we should enrol the children in the International School in Bordeaux and move lock stock and barrel.Talking of barrels he spent the weekend in the garage/ cellar throwing useful things like bicycles and scooters away to make way for more booze. Jeroboam around the corner deliver. Uh oh. Thanks again for the tips x

  3. Oh joy!
    I was home for the Tesco Wine Festival last year…really, I don't know why I bother to live in Napa!

  4. Potty – hope you got good return-from-trip treats. I always get given a Toblerone that we're supposed to share. Not bleedin' likely.

    Belgravia wife – please don't venture too far out of Belgravia, you'll have me worrying. Fulham Tesco only has a small wine range from memory (used to live opposite many years ago) so go for home delivery x

    Vinogirl – you live there for the sunny lifestyle and the winemaking, remember? x

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