Following two weeks away on holiday (we did a Bromsgroves, Mrs T), I feel somewhat restored by my break from the norm. A bit of sun – tans fade, wrinkles don’t blah blah – and a couple of snatched half-hours with my book and I’m happy. Determined to not fall back to pre-holiday ways including 1) talking to my children in that awful tone of voice that implies annoyance at everything they ask and 2) relying on sugar hits from the children’s biscuit tin to get me through the afternoons. Both are the direct result of my usually not-so-pretty knackered state. But thanks to the holiday, I have banked sleep. This is now the Slightly Less Knackered Mother’s Wine Club. At least until next week.

Current rose in the fridge:
Stork’s Tower Tempranillo Rose 2009, currently £4.61/bottle, normally £6.49, Tesco
Much of my holiday will be viewed through rose-tinted spectacles. We drank lots of pink, not least because the house was nestled between vineyards in the Gaillac region in France. It might be cold and damp here but wine has the power to transport, with imagination. This one is made in the Castilla Y Leon region in Spain and is resolutely summery, with red fruit flavours and a positively cheering colour, bright and jewel-like. OK, I’m struggling to transport myself entirely, but it is definitely helping and is delicious to boot. 

Current red on the side:
Porcupine Ridge Syrah, 2009, currently £5.31, save 25%, Waitrose
I’ve long loved these South African wines, known as the ‘Spiky Pig’ wine by a friend (see label, I sort of know what she means). The winemaker once discussed fishing at length with my husband, leaving me to taste his wines on my own. Brilliant they were too, positively a cut above. This one is made from the Shiraz grape (or Syrah as it is called here) and is smoky and brooding, tempting me away from the rose and into Autumn. I think I’m ready to go.  

Chin chin sweets x     

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  1. That "awful tone of voice" somehow took up residence in my house as well. Newly resolved to change that. The rose suggestion will help with that, I suspect. Cheers!

  2. Ah, glad the rose will help. Loved your last post. Now, exhale…x

  3. Reality does bite. Not looking forward to the long winter! I guess I'd better stock up on biscuits.

  4. Biscuits and wine, Susanna, biscuits and wine x

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