Dance like nobody’s watching…

Tonight, the 6yo Boy had his school disco. It was a 5.45pm drop off, £1 entry, all drinks & snacks included and an hour of wall to wall dance floor fillers. He really did dance like no-one was watching. He and his friends went BONKERS; they busted moves, laughed their heads off and generally had a Really Very Good Time. One mother noted how we need a drink to dance like that nowadays. I know what she means. With age comes self-consciousness. But as we get older still, more confident I’m hoping we edge back towards that wonderful time of being able to dance like nobody’s watching. I came home, put the boys and girl to bed, hit shuffle on the breakin’ shapes playlist (inspired by Mumra) and did just that. Luckily, no-one was.

Current white in the fridge:  Villa Maria Chardonnay/Viognier 2010, £8.50ish, Waitrose
Another New Zealand white this week, but this time not a Sauvignon Blanc or a Pinot Gris (the grape I talked about on my last vlog) but a blend of two grapes. This is a really good blend of Chardonnay and Viognier, two white grapes that are of the fuller-figured nature vs. skinny Sauvignon and slender PG. In fact, I think there is a splash of Pinot Gris in here too, not that you’d notice. It is all about the ripe, round, almost creamy tropical fruit characters. Made from grapes grown in the Gisborne region in New Zealand’s north island, this was robust enough to cope with spicy thai fishcakes. 

Current red on the side: La Leyenda Malbec Syrah 2010, £5 on offer, Tesco
So I might have mentioned this one before. It is fab: juicy, rich, full-bodied, crammed with black fruit flavours and just when you think you can relax, there’s a slap round the chops from the spice. This one is another blend, made from Argentina’s most famous red export, Malbec, and Syrah (aka Shiraz). They are lovely on their own but are obviously really enjoying each other’s company here. It works, especially at a fiver. I had this with a half-hearted plate of cheese and slightly soft Carr biscuits. It improved it enormously. 

Bottoms up x

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  1. Awww I can remember my boys dancing at their discos like that! Now they're all awkward and teenagery! I love the Villa Maria, by the way – one of my faves x

  2. Isn't it gorgeous how young boys are so uninhibited. My youngest boys still bust those moves (and how do they know all those rap songs?) I wish they would stay like that. At our talent show two young boys kept reaching for each others' hands and it was so sweet. Not so my 13 year old who barely wants you to watch him walking. White wine sounds glorious, villa maria my fave..

  3. EM – your boys sound fab, despite the awkward teenage thing!

    Jody – I know, how do they know all the words?!

  4. I always feel like I'm coming to a girlfriend's house for a glass of wine when I visit, well done!

  5. What a lovely post. I only dance like no one's watching in my bedroom (Still) with the curtains firmly shut. My 5yo will have a school disco next year – another milestone!

  6. I never, ever dance, but 2 weeks ago at a co-workers wedding after two screwdrivers, a glass of Schramsberg bubby, and a glass of SB, when someone asked me I couldn't help myself…of course it was to an AC/DC ditty 🙂
    Have had a domestic Chardonnay/Viognier blend and must agree that these two varietals worked well together.

  7. Vinogirl – nothing wrong with a bit of AC/DC dancing…we've all done it 😉

  8. I normally really feel like I'm coming to some girlfriend's home for any decanter or glass of wine when I visit, nicely done!
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