I am 39 years old on Sunday. Totally fine with that. What I am not fine with is my birthday wish list. I wrote it down earlier this week. It looked like this:

1. A wheelbarrow
2. A new roasting dish

That was it. Pathetic. I am sharing it with you now in the hope that I might shake myself into action. In years gone by, the lists started months before the birthday. It was full of desirable, mostly shallow stuff with a few books thrown in to make me look clever. And now? My life is not complete until I get that wheelbarrow.

Although some Creme de la Mer would be nice.

Current white in the fridge: Tesco Finest Gavi, 2010, £5.69, Tesco.com
Last week Tesco won the award for the best own label range of wines at the vinous equivalent of the Oscars, the International Wine Challenge. The awards dinner is ever so slightly less star-studded than the actual Oscars but we do get Oz Clarke and he’s much more amusing than a blubbing Gwyneth, so we’re happy. Anyhoo, no idea if this wine won an award this year but I am giving it a gold star for deliciousness. If you like fruity, not-too-oaky Chardonnay you’ll probably like this. Peaches and apricots, that’s all I need to tell you. Made from the Cortese grape, this is a hidden Italian gem of a wine desperate to be enjoyed with a simple bowl of pasta and pesto. As I did.  

Current red on the side: Errazuriz Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 2010, £5.69, Waitrose
Oh this is good, this is very good indeed. It so happens it is national Buy Chilean Wine Month (I think it has a catchier title but go with it) and if you haven’t tried Chilean wine before, you have to come out from under that rock. It is brilliant value, brilliantly made (mostly) and this one is brilliantly lovely. Now, producers are starting to really explore and vineyards are being planted in cooler climates resulting in more interesting wines. This one is from one the country’s oldest and best producers, so you are in safe hands. 

Peace out, winos x

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  1. Wow you're almost my son's twin as you share a birthday on Sunday 18th September. But strangely exactly my age! I've been 39 for ages, it's the best age to stick at and I truly recommend it. My son is 34 and both my daughters are now older than me but I don't let it bother any of them!

  2. Oh, c'mon…you can't even manage to put a bottle of Bolly RD on your list? I know I would.
    Happy b-day!

  3. Don't worry, my Christmas list looked like that last year and birthday this year included a cheese grater! Just remember to put a bit of cashmere on the list for next time with size and colour. Happy birthday

  4. I think I should stop reading this blog – all it does is make me pine for British supermarkets… (I won't though – I'll just live vicariously through you lot). Happy Birthday!

  5. Is the wheelbarrow to take you home in after a night at the pub or for gardening duties? If the former, i salute you, if the latter, you are a girl after my own heart. Happy Birthday dollface. You don't look a day older than 21.

  6. I got a Kenwood Chef for my birthday this year so now I can safely say that I am officially "grown up"!.
    And the pretty much the only thing I drank for 9 years in Italy? Gavi….. just love love love it

  7. Cowshed Pedi? Come up and have a treat (and meet me for a glass of vino while you are here please)

    BM x

  8. Elegance – spooky. And, yes will take your advice and stick at 39. Love that your daughters are now older than you.

    Vinogirl -that too is spooky. Have got bottle of Bolly RD in fridge on standby!

    Mother Hen – every girl needs a good cheese grater, obv. Cashmere! Why didn't I think of that before?!

    Potty – thank you. If it makes you feel better, Waitrose was a NIGHTMARE this morning.

    Lucy – thank you. And I'm taking dollface x

    Mrs R – what took you so long with the Kenwood Chef? Got mine at 35!

    BM-yes purlease. Might have Mrs R in tow…

  9. Have to admit I was very pleased to get a wheelbarrow for my last birthday – its purple and very pleasing indeed!

    Happy birthday!

  10. Muddling – mine's green. And it had bows on. Got myself a black leather biker jacket to redress the balance. Not sure it works though…

  11. we share the same birthday!

    that makes us very cool!

    I got books! x

  12. Jane – Happy Birthday! x

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