Next week, after 16 years of continuous employment (bar three maternity leaves), I am going freelance. It is either going to be the best thing I ever did, or a really, really silly thing to do. Let’s see, shall we?

With huge thanks and a bear hug to Hugh MacLeod.

Current white in the fridge: Porcupine Ridge Sauvignon Blanc 2010, £5.69, Waitrose
Another bottle bought as part of Waitrose’ current Wine Showcase, with selected wines at 25% off for another few weeks. This is a South African Sauvignon Blanc, made by a producer with an unfeasibly long name, Boekenhoutskloof. The fact that the wine has a picture of a porcupine on the label was lost on a friend of mine:  she gets very excited when her favourite ‘spiky pig’ wine is on offer. Have a look and you’ll see what she means. Or not, more likely. Anyhoo, this is a gorgeous, fresh, lemony Sauvignon. Uncomplicated, uplifting and delicious, which is what you want from a glass of wine at 7pm. 

Current red on the side: Piccini Chianti Riserva 2008, £4.83, Tesco
Another one with 25% off, this time from the current Tesco Wine Festival, this brings it to under a fiver. Normally, Chianti under a fiver would be given a wide berth – I’ve kissed too many frogs here – but this one is a gem. It has got all the things I would hope to find in a good glass of Chianti (grip and a kick of cherry-stone fruit, since you ask) and feels like pretty good value for money. Made from the Sangiovese grape, this is more Connie Corleone  than Don Vito. Enjoyed with sausages, enormously. 

Hold tight x

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  1. Gulp! You'll be brilliant. Good luck. But you won't need it.

  2. Claire – thanks. Feel slightly sick. But excited and sick.

  3. Very brave but probably liberating! Wishing you all the very best in your new direction – it could be the best thing you've ever done.

    May I ask a recommendation please? Which wine from Waitrose and/or Tesco would you recommend to accompany a green Thai curry?

  4. EM – thanks! And of course you can…TGC is best matched by a white with good acidity and a slight touch of sweetness to cope with the spice & flavours. From Waitrose, try the Villa Maria Riesling (£6.50ish) or from Tesco try their Finest Tingleup Riesling from Western Australia (normally about £8 but ridiculously about £4.75 on offer at the moment). Both gorgeous wines. Hope you like..

  5. Oh wow KM! Thank you so much. Will definitely act on your recommendations. We are cooking supper for Number One Son on Saturday night as he is putting us up ( again) in his London flat whilst I take a stand at The London Antique Textile Fair at Chelsea Town Hall.

    Please keep us updated on your new 'wine route'!

  6. Go for it! I've been freelance for six years now and have never regretted it. x

  7. EM – thank you, will do! The Antique Textile Fair sounds fab.

    NVG – xxx

  8. This is fantastic news, KM! The best is yet to come x

  9. Best of luck! You'll be fabulous, without a doubt.

  10. I don't know what employment you are in and what you are moving to but I wish you the best of luck and applaud your horn grabbing of whichever bull is in front of you. If it all goes tits up and you turn to drink, at least you'll be an alcoholic with good taste in booze.

  11. Good luck love. Whatever you do you will be great xx

  12. Best of luck with very exciting venture!

    Off out to Tesco soon so will pick up the Chianti. Disappointed both Tesco and Sainsbury seem to have discontinued their Bardolino (round our way anyway). It's a cheapy but we've always enjoyed it since our holiday there. Let me know if you come across it anywhere else 😉

  13. " It is either going to be the best thing I ever did, or a really, really silly thing to do."

    It'll be both, but like NappyvalleyGirl said, you'll never look back. Hold tight for an amazing ride. 🙂

  14. Blimey – thanks all so much for your comments and encouragement! All still booze-related, fear not…

    Jenny – yep, I know. Win-win.

    Trish – I'm on it, will search one out for you.

    Ruth – thank you. What you've done is AMAZING. Love it x 3!

  15. Go girl – you'll be brilliant.

    BM x

  16. Went freelance five years ago. Still alive. Despite recession. You go for it.

  17. Fab, you'll be your own boss…except for your kids that is.

  18. Woohoo, how exciting and so very cool of you. I envy you, seriously. xx

  19. BM – thank you x

    Anon – ditto x

    Vinogirl – exactly that x

    MM – aw, thanks..will keep you posted! x

  20. Hi – just to give feedback on the recommendations you kindly gave me for the Green Thai Curry. Sadly our local Tesco doesn't stock that particular one but did have Finest Steillage Riesling from the Mosel. As this was the same grape I thought I'd give it a go because I didn't have time to get over to Waitrose as well. I suspect it was not really as as good as the ones you chose, but it was a terrific foil to the curry. Soft and floral and slightly off dry. So thank you for pointing me in the right direction. I shall certainly look out for the Waitrose recommendation and get it in for our next GTC.

  21. EM – so pleased you went for the Riesling/GTC combo! A bit of sweetness (the one you had is certainly off-dry) works wonders with spice and the floral flavours are not lost on it. It is from the Mosel Saar Ruwer region too, so you're getting a step up in quality. Gold star!

  22. Great. Does this mean you will be free for mid-week lunches? All in the name of research.

  23. Lucy – Obviously. All in the name of research.

  24. Good luck! Maybe one day…(looks out of the window, wistfully, drinking a beer!)

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