Actually, I can’t talk about Kevin because I haven’t seen it yet but I am off to see it tonight, at the lovely cinema I told you about where you can take your wine glass in with you and the seats don’t make you feel like your head will be itching by the end of the film. I did read the book ages ago, whilst pregnant with Eldest Boy. I can’t lie: it scared the hell out of me. As mothers, as parents we are responsible for bringing our children up as best we possibly can. If they do go and do something like that, is it our fault?  Really interested to see what side the film comes down on, nature or nurture. To be continued…

A very big thank you to Simon & team for KMWC’s new look. You can find him here.

Current white in the fridge: Tesco Finest Argentinian Chardonnay, 2009, £4ish on offer, Tesco
This is a ridiculous wine at a ridiculous price. I mean, it is a really, really good wine: guilty-pleasure sweetness from the tropical fruit flavours (it is off-dry rather than bone dry), full-bodied, ripe and incredibly more-ish. It is made by one of my favourite producers in Argentina, the romantically named Bodegas Esmerelda, owned by the Catena family. Normally, wines that go on offer for under £4 are to be approached with extreme caution. Not this one: approach with an empty trolley. We had it with leftover chicken tarted up with a spicy sauce from a jar. Everyone was happy, most of all me. 

Current red on the side: Recchia Bardolino 2010, £5.69, Waitrose
This is going to sound lame, but rather like I can’t tell you about Kevin, I can’t tell you about this one yet either. I bought it as I’m on a quest to find a good Bardolino for a regular. Everything about it looks promising: a blend of Corvina, Molinara and Rondinella grapes made in the Veneto region in Italy and from a good producer, by all accounts. Tomorrow night we’ll be having something vaguely Italian to eat – not sure what yet, but a tomato-based concoction most likely – so will try it then. Again, to be continued…

Chin chin x

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  1. God you are brave.. i'm too wimpy to go and see it. Let us know what you think.

    BM x

    Ps just back from a brief jaunt in the NF.. sorry not to see you but soon I hope? x

  2. Yay – love the new look!

  3. BM – next time, drinks. And we didn't see Kevin, saw The Help instead. A complete tear-jerker!

    Muddling – thank you! x

  4. Like the sound of the Argentinian especially on a polo pony (have to say their whites can be paint stripper scary) but also the sound of your tarted up chook. That's the kind of cook I am….

  5. ALW – thanks, and agree, some are horrors…

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