We Need to Talk About Booze

I never did see the Kevin film. Turns out The Help started at the same time so we chose schmaltz over shootings. Cried on and off for two hours and loved it. What we do need to talk about, however, is how to  broach the subject of booze with our children. How young is too young to discuss it? Do we let them try it in the home or leave them to try it when we’re not there? How do we teach them the rights and wrongs, the pros and cons of alcohol? Drinkaware is running a campaign to highlight the issue and this video on their site is rather clever. Over at Bringing Up Charlie, Tim posted about it but know this: he is mostly worried about tax hikes on artisan cider. I popped up on the Huffington Post today, with this article about the demon drink. Complex, like good wine.

Current white in the fridge: Cowrie Bay Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2011, £5 on offer, Waitrose
I know I did a Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc just a couple of weeks ago but I couldn’t walk past this one yesterday whilst on my supermarket sweep without adding a couple of bottles to the trolley. Gorgeous label (and we know how important that is) with a really lovely wine inside. Not the most complicated Sauvignon you’ll ever taste but certainly with enough perky gooseberry and passion fruit flavours to keep the customer satisfied, satisfied (as Simon and/or possibly Garfunkel would say).

Current red on the side: La Layenda Malbec Syrah 2010, £6.99, Tesco
Brooding, moody and macho. And that’s just the bottle, with its broad shoulders and heavier-than-usual weight. Inside it lurks an Argie beastie, loaded with bramble fruits and a sprinkling of spice. We had this with slow-cooked beef stew and a very handsome couple they made too. Last week’s white wine was the white partner to this red: both are fairly in-your-face styles with no sense of personal space but very likeable nonetheless. Made by Bodegas Escorihuela in the Mendoza region. 

Cheers, dears x

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  1. Thanks for the mention. I should for the sake of balance point out that tax hikes are not my sole concern. Oh no. I'm as interested in which supermarkets have the latest cider deals, for instance. Perhaps you could include that in your posts?

  2. Tim – for you, of course. In fact, I might get a guest post done on cider from a friend who makes the stuff.

  3. Will have to have a look at that. I'm interested to know what you think about the new advice that we shouldn't drink every day and definitely not 2 glasses of wine a day. This has been making me feel very guilty! But I can't help thinking it's a bit too draconian….

  4. NVG – current guidelines are no more than 2-3 units of alcohol per day i.e. one 175ml glass of wine for us, two for the men. Obviously wine alcoholic strength and glass size varies a fair bit. I try and go wine-free a couple of nights a week and use a smaller size glass (but that's mostly so my wine stays cold). Yes, it does feel draconian but I think alcohol is the new tobacco. Expect lots more advice about cutting down!

  5. About three years ago I had an op on both feet which meant I lay about on the sofa for 6 weeks. I became very fond of a glass of wine each night. Almost a stone later I now have a love hate relationship with the stuff, which actually kind of enhances the thrill of drinking it–just like the old days when I was a kid sneaking it from the cupboards I guess. 😉

    I had an awesome Sicilian red from Tesco the other day. And threw out the bottle without writing it down. Dang!

  6. Love the new look 🙂

  7. Michelloui – think you might have had the Tesco Finest Nero D'Avola? Fab wine!

    Vinogirl – thank you, that means SO much, you've been with me since the beginning x

  8. AHHHH!!! It was you are so right! Now I know you are a superstar. Thanks for that. *off to write down the name*

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