This week has been chaotic. Like, properly, stupidly, chaotic. Whoever thought it was a good idea to combine school holidays with a child’s bodyweight in chocolate clearly didn’t think it through. Same goes for holidays and working. Not a great match, as it goes. And then there was the sick bug. Two out of three children down with it this week. Beds have been stripped on a nightly basis, usually at about 4am. But now, having wrapped presents for the Youngest’s third birthday tomorrow, the house is peaceful. I’m drinking it in while it lasts.

Current white in the fridge: Zenato Villa Flora 2011, £8.54, Waitrose
If you like fresh, crisp Italian whites but might be just a little bit bored with Pinot Grigio, then this will restore your faith. Made in the Veneto region, near Lake Garda (inter-railing memories c. 1991 flood back) from Trebbiano grapes, this has got a bit more to say than most PGs. If it could, it would wear a floral tea dress and plimsols. Pretty, but without trying too hard. Needs a big bowl of crisps and a good gossip for best results. 

Current red in the rack: Lascar Carmenere 2011, £5.25 as part of case, The Wine Society
This bottle was given to us by friends over Easter, presented with the usual ‘oh, it’s a nightmare bringing wine here, this one’s probably not very good’ (gee, thanks). But I suspect I did well and this came from the parents’ wine stash. How do I know? Because it is from The Wine Society, a members-only wine club and a brilliant source of good value wines. Members pay a one-off £40 to join, and that’s it. This Chilean Carmenere was gorgeous, tasting way more expensive than it was, but it seems to be out of stock now. I thought it still worth mentioning though, as membership of the Society makes a really good birthday/christening present. 

Peace out, winos x

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  1. Love your comment about Easter! Exactly!!

    I say this at gone 5am from the sofa with vomiting child…

    Soldiering on…

  2. Oh, poor you, poor wee one. Better this morning I hope?

  3. Well put! My littlest is three this w end too!

  4. We are members of The Wine Society too and have enjoyed that same carmenere on a few ocassions!

  5. The Zenato white sounds interesting.
    I will be winging my way to Blighty in 10 days time…Tesco's wine aisle, here I come!

  6. What a lovely idea. I think most of my time will be spent doing family stuff, but if anything changes…

  7. Poor you. Sounds hideous. Hope 3yo party went ok. And I totally agree about the chocolate. I went through it all last night and binned most of it. Except the cadburys creme egg, which I ate. Obv.

  8. The "stripping beds" is the most exhausting sound on earth at that time of the morning. You deserve that break!

  9. Ah, couldn't agree more about the chocolate and holidays, coupled with cabin fever in incessant rain and it's a ticking bomb..
    I've just discovered your blog (I'm new to this lark) and I'm loving your quick, no nonsense wine recommendations. Great for someone like me who can regularly be found foundering in the wine aisle!
    Looking forward to reading much more.

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