KMWC Book Needs You!

I posted about wine speak a while ago, specifically about how much of it sounds too flowery, some of it just downright ridiculous. Which got me thinking: I’d like to include your tasting notes in the KMWC book. I’ll pick a couple of wines a month for you to try (once I’ve tasted them, obviously), something delicious and different. Post your tasting notes here, or email them to me. Just tell me what you taste, smell and feel about the wine. If you can’t get hold of the actual wine below, just ask (if there is someone to ask) or look for a similar wine made from the same grape from the same country and we’re on the same wine page, so to speak. Here’s the first wine:

Hilltop Estate Gewurztraminer 2010, £7.59, Waitrose
This is a dry white from Hungary. If you can’t find this one, or don’t have a Waitrose near you, look out for the same grape from France (specifically the Alsace region, Tesco do a good one in their Finest range) or even one from Chile’s Bio Bio region (Cono Sur, a usually reliable Chilean brand, do a lovely one). They will all taste different being from different countries, obviously, but there is something about the grape variety that links them all together. Call it grape DNA. 

Over to you.

KM x

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  1. The note of mine that attracted the most interest was 'slips down like a builder's trousers…'

  2. oooo, oooo, me! me!! I want to play!! Will get hold of a bottle aysap!

  3. This is super exciting and one of my favourite white grapes to start with, we have a bottle or 3 in the fridge but will try to track down the Hungarian version, although we are sadly Waitrose deprived in Northern Ireland. I'm definitely in. Xx

    • Fab! You could try and get the Tesco Finest Gewurz, or just ask in your local independent wine shop, I am sure they'll have a few to choose from. Great outfit on your blog, btw. LOVE Cos.

  4. Dr Uncle Bunny

    The heady scent of meadow flowers in the early morning dew by a Cornish River transported to a humid lychee packing plant in China where the choke-inducing oily fumes transcend to a glorious, slightly coppery finish.

  5. Dr Uncle Bunny

    *scrapes back chair and heads to fridge to top up glass of champagne*

  6. You want me to go and drink wine?

    Oh ok then…

  7. What a great idea…and starting with Gewurtz, and it's linalool character, is perfect.

  8. Transports me to a land where I find Cy's underwear on the floor (again) and dog wee in our bed rather amusing …

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