I can’t sit still. No, not because of those (although memories of postpartum you-know-whats make me shiver to this day). I’m just not very good at doing nothing. If I’m in an empty house and I’m not working, I’m cleaning or picking stuff up and moving it from one room to another. And, ever the multi-tasker, I am usually on the phone whilst doing it. And then came Pinterest. I now have a perfect house (tidy), garden (landscaped) and wardrobe (walk-in). They’re just not mine. 
Current white in the fridge: Taboexa Albariño 2010 Rías Baixas, £7.59 on offer, Waitrose
Waitrose is running a wine festival thing with 20% off a really interesting selection of wines, including this one from northern Spain. Now, good Albarino (the name of the grape) normally comes in at £10 at least, so this one is a really good offer and a great excuse to try it if you haven’t before. I tested it out on my friend who normally drinks nothing but Italian whites, and she gave it the thumbs up. It is refreshingly lemony but not too in-your-face zingy, if you know what I mean. Peachy, even. We had this in the garden with breadsticks & houmous (me) and a few fags (her). 

Current red in the rack: Baron Amarillo Rioja Reserva 2006, £5.99, Aldi
So, what I most like about Aldi is their TV adverts, especially this one about tea & gin. But, not having one that near to me, I don’t shop there very often. Lucky for me, their PR peeps sent me a few bottles to try and so it was I found myself drinking a glass of this. Now, having tasted dozens of Rioja wines over the last few weeks at that wine competition I told you about, this stood up pretty well. Black fruits, oak and spice: just what you want from a wine made from the Tempranillo grape that’s been aged in oak barrels for more than three years. Makes the price eye-wateringly good.  We had this with meatballs. No fags. Delicious. 

Peace out, winos x
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  1. Shouldn't you be writing a book rather than playing with pinterest?


  2. Oh I have yet to find an Aldi wine that agrees with me….. If I try that Rioja it will be my last and final attempt!! 😉

  3. With Pinterest, besides the nice house, garden & wardrobe, you can also have yawning kittens and babies who don't poo when they're not wearing nappies

  4. Brilliant. Check out my pantry. It's perfect.

  5. Sadly no Aldi near me, although our wine society case arrived yesterday so am looking forward to working my way through that!
    Will definitely check the white out – have a waitrose very close to my office so it would be rude not to 😉

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