Post Holiday Blues (and Reds & Whites)

We’re back from holiday. Nothing terribly exciting to report; whilst Harry played strip billiards in Vegas, I was making another round of sandwiches for a trip to the beach. (Nb I didn’t see Harry naked on the internet. Not for any moral reason, rather there was no broadband where we were in Cornwall). Anyway, although I’m sad that our holiday is over, I’m really quite happy to be home. And that the swimming costume can go back in the cupboard for another year.

Current white in the fridge: Tesco Finest Gavi 2011, £6.99, Tesco
We had a week in Italy before heading to Cornwall, and found – in the local supermarket – some brilliant (inexpensive) white wines made from grapes that we don’t often find on our shelves here including Pecorino, Greco and Vermentino. Sigh. I am now on a mission to find a good Pecorino here (good ones are lip-smackingly lemon fresh) and when I do, I will report back. In the meantime, I have resorted to the gorgeous Cortese grape, used here to make this wine from the Gavi region. I love this wine; uncomplicated, undemanding and utterly delicious. Lime & apples in a glass.  

Current red in the rack: Cote de Brouilly 2008, Daniel Bouland, £29, Gurnard’s Head
The Gurnard’s Head is a pub near Zennor, on the north coast of Cornwall. If ever you are that way, or even within a 250 mile radius, take a detour and go. We stayed there for a night for The Husband’s 40th birthday last week and squashed into 2 rooms (us, the children and the dog). We also shared a bottle of this bright, light, juicy Beaujolais over dinner in the restaurant and it was such a treat. The wine list is not huge but completely inspired, crammed with gems like Refosco (a northern Italian red), a red from Faugeres (a southern French region) and a Slovenian Riesling available by the glass. Lots of the wines are available by the carafe too, meaning that you can try more than one wine over dinner and not fall asleep. Inspired, I tell you. And the people who run it make you feel like your children are not noisy nightmares and for that I love them even more. 

Pip pip x

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  1. I am confident that making sandwiches in Cornwall was more entertaining than viewing bad photos of a naked 20-something in a private party on the internet.

    'Lime and apples in a glass' sounds lovely! Off to scribble that down on my Teco list…

  2. Gavi Gavi Gavi Love it love it love it. Forgot. Ta for the nudge X

  3. Love Cotes de Brouilly…now need to find some that's not in Zennor!

  4. The Gurnard's Head sounds delightful.
    Great wines on a quintessentially English holiday…you have given me something to pine after.

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