I realise that for Red Nose Day I could a) shave all my hair off or b) do a sponsored bike ride or even c) climb a mountain but there are already people I know doing exactly that. So instead, I’ve sponsored them and can now stay at home with a glass of wine knowing that at least 10% of sales will be donated to Wine Relief, the vinous bit of Comic Relief. A list of all the wines involved in the initiative can be found on the Red Nose Day website. Or, I bought the two wines below in Waitrose today  – both included in the Wine Relief line-up – and can heartily recommend them.

Current white in the fridge: The Ned Sauvignon Blanc 2012, £7.99 on offer, Waitrose
From the quite brilliantly named Waihopai River vineyards in New Zealand’s Marlborough region, this is a lime & gooseberry fruit filled wine bomb. Man, if you need to put Spring in your step, this is the wine to do it. Sip this and tell me you don’t feel hopeful. I’m currently sharing a small glass of this with my mum. She’s come up to cook me dinner because The Husband’s away, it is half term and I’ve obviously got that look about me that screams ‘if you weren’t here I’d just have a bag of crisps for supper’. Which The Ned would go with quite happily, as it happens. 

Current red in the rack: Zalze Shiraz/Mourvedre/Viognier 2011, £6.39 on offer, Waitrose
Plush as a newly plumped cushion, this is a really lovely South African red made from a blend of three grapes. In fact, my mum has just said ‘but I thought Viognier was a white grape!’ and she’s right. It is. But a dash of it has been added to this blend to zhuzh (correct spelling thanks to Hilary Mantel’s piece on K-Mid today) it up. Lovely it is too, with soft black fruits and spice. Worked a treat with my mildly curried chicken. Well, mum’s mildly curried chicken. 

Pip pip x

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  1. I've always wondered how to spell zhuzh. I'm sorry, though, that just doesn't do it for me.. it should be jeuszhe or summat.

    Ooh didn't know there was Comic Relief wine! Off to Waitrose later x

  2. Wine Relief! How did I not know this? Altruism in a glass.. *coat on, heads to Waitrose* Thanks for the tip and huge congratulations on your book too 🙂 x

  3. Oh, Hilary Mantel! Doesn't she say everything you've ever said, or wished to say, just better and more brilliantly than you could ever have dreamed?

    Gush gush gush.

    Now off to ponder how I'd have spelt zhuzh.

  4. Most important question Knackered – when is that mother of yours starting HER blog as promised????

  5. I remember your mum from your video of picking ME as one of your lovely wine basket winners. She needs a Vlog, not a blog!

  6. Much love to you knackered one! MUCH LOVE!

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