Life’s a Beach

The last few weeks have been filled with days spent on various beaches. First in Brittany, where there was also a fair bit of time spent imbibing bread, cheese and wine. And then in Cornwall, with obligatory cream teas. And more wine, obviously. So after pulling on a pair of slightly-too-tight jeans this morning I decided to give up bread for a bit. How upsetting then, to settle down to watch tonight’s episode of The Great British Bake Off and realise it was the bread episode. The bread episode! I practically cried. Perhaps easier if I take my beloved boyfriend jeans into autumn.

Current white in the fridge: Pecorino 2012, £8.79, Waitrose
I picked this up in Waitrose today, and was so happy to find it because I love a Pecorino. Not the cheese (although that’s quite lovely too), the wine. Majestic do a great one too, and both have pictures of cartoon sheep on the label. Why so? Apparently, the tight bunches of Pecorino grapes on the vine are triangular in shape, resembling a sheep’s head. That must have been a good dinner. Label aside, the flavours are gorgeous – light, almost floral, with melon, grapefruit and nectarine flavours. This comes from the Terre di Chieti region in Abruzzo, central Italy. Refreshingly different, and a glass tonight with my delicious – no, really – salad made up for the lack of bread.  

Current red in the rack: Tesco Finest Carmenere 2012, £6.99 on offer, Tesco
This is proper brilliant. Made from the Carmenere grape – used to be lots in France, now hardly any, but luckily Chile has realised it had a way with this particular variety and planted lots more – and grown in the Colchagua Valley region. It’s big, bramble-fruity delicious and tastes a bit like chocolate, I kid you not. If there was a wine to make you almost happy that colder months and big stews are not far away, this is it. We had it with roast lamb on Sunday and there was happiness all around. 

Peace out, winos x

PS – I have not forgotten about the Corkcicle competition. You know who will be picking a winner from her hat in time for next week’s post.

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