Lights. Camera. Action.

This time next week I’ll have finished recording my first ever bit of telly for The Alan Titchmarsh Show. I’m so excited. And just a little bit nervous. But with any luck, I’ll be as happy in front of the camera as my mother apparently is, announcing the winner of the Corkcicle competition:

Current white in the fridge: Waitrose Soave Classico 2011, £6.99, Waitrose
Loved this wine. Uncomplicated, undemanding, unpretentious. Made from the Garganega grape from hillside vineyards around the town of Soave, this is a quality notch above plain ol’ Soave. And for the extra £2+ compared with the cheap stuff (give or take) you get more flavour, depth and general deliciousness. Tonight was fish night in our house (aka Depressing Fish Wednesday by my meat-adoring Husband) and this glass of Soave Classico made all the difference. Simple things indeed. 

Current red in the rack: Mule Sangiovese 2010, £13.99, M&S
Sent to me by the lovely Amy, this is the L’Oreal of wines. Not because it will give you shiny hair (although that would be a totally brilliant side effect), but because expensive as it is, you are worth it. This is biodynamic (think super-organic), hand picked, hand plunged and open vat fermented. Which basically means that the wine is properly hand-made. There’s blood, sweat and tears in this wine. Not literally, you understand. Metaphorical. Lordy, Jen didn’t waffle on like this when she talked about the ‘science part’. Apols. Anyway, it is brilliant. Think cherries with an alcoholic kick, from the McLaren Vale region in South Australia. Needs food, lasagne was especially good (and better than Depressing Fish Wednesday, according to the Husband).

Peace out, winos x

ps – Emma! Send me your details and Daniel from Around Wine will send you a Corkcicle. Congrats!

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  1. Love you guys!! Your mother is just fabulous!! :))

  2. I will send indeed.

  3. Omg I'm gutted I didn't win 😭oh well I will have to buy one anyway!

  4. Your Ma should have a side slot with Alan T (like that fab South African father of the gorgeous Olympic swimmer last year did on the late night catch ups – hysterical!).

  5. Crazy crazy crazy! Hope The Titch goes ok. Thinking of you.

  6. Don't know about the hat, but I love your mum's blouse. That Saove sounds a bit of alright too.
    Good luck on telly!

  7. Good luck Helen. Can't wait to see you on telly! x

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