Sequins, check. 

I’m off to Vegas. For work. For four days. I know, I’m extremely lucky. I’ll have time to sit by a pool, do a spot of shopping, have grown up dinners and see a show (not Britney though, I checked). But the thing I am most looking forward to? A lie-in. After last week’s half term holidays, I think I might just be the only person going to Las Vegas for a rest. Still, the fake tan has been applied and the sequins packed. Oh, and the book club book. Rock and roll, baby.

Current white in the fridge: Pheasant Gully Semillon Chardonnay 2013, £7, M&S
This one’s all toasty oranges and lemons, made from a blend of the fashionably unfashionable (but really, when done well, rather lovely) Chardonnay and the widely misunderstood Semillon grape. The latter adds lime and texture to the blend. The former adds all round citrus deliciousness. Ripe, round and ruddy good with grilled chicken. 

Current red in the rack: La Moneda Reserva Malbec 2012, £5 (normally £7), Asda
Sometimes, a wine comes along that makes you double check the price. This is one of those. Sent to me by the kind PR peeps at Asda, I tasted it for a possible barbecue feature in the paper, but I didn’t have room to include it. So I’m adding it here instead, because it really is bloody good for the money. From Chile, it’s thick with blackberry fruits and spice. And it was a dream with barbecued lamb (the one in Diana Henry’s new book, with the mint syrup). 

Peace out, winos x

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  1. ooooh, lucky you. Beware the clockless casinos! and the free casino drinks! and the flashy glittery casino lights! in fact just beware the casinos! I lost… $30 there. Thirty dollars! I am STILL smarting, many years later. (the man won $600 on our first night, came up to our hotel room, and threw the manky dollars all over me, sleeping on the bed. It was like Indecent Proposal, only… poorer (and not very indecent.) Have a wonderful time xx

  2. MEmemememememememeeeeeeeee!

    Where's MY invite? Eh? Eh?

    *stomps foot, wanders off in huge huff to sulk in a corner*

    LCM x

    p.s. and if your find your bag is ever-so-slightly overweight at check in, don't be tempted to open it, okay? I promise not to squeak.

  3. I would like to apply for the important job of your bag carrier,
    yours sincerely,

  4. One word. Global.

    Do you have to pinch yourself? I would be telling everyone. Everyone.

    2nd bag carrier

  5. Don't be tempted to see Britney whatever you do – one of the most depressing experiences of my life! Diana's lamb and Malbec sound like a match made in heaven.

  6. Can't enter the camp bestival thing as we're moving that weekend, so I'm commenting here! Hope Vegas was fabulous. I'm pretty sure you're going to BritMums this year – I think I even saw your name on the program? I'm looking for people I "know" who are going as it's the first time I've been able to make it….

  7. You had sequins at least. I was there in April for a hen party. I was the sister of the groom, going for family representation and relaxation–you aren't the only gal who goes to Vegas to chill. I got the nights out mixed up and ended up clubbing in a cardigan. I had a satin-y sheen leopard print dress, so I had some Vegas flash (I'd re-learned about flash fashion when I moved back to Texas and tried to get Ted Baker to fly at the Houston Rodeo) but I thought we were doing dinner and a show, not dinner and techno. Hence my dancing in cardi coverered leopard print to a song called, judging from the refrain, "I'm just here for the bitches and drinks". It wasn't even a black cardi. It was Chinese red.

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