I was going to settle down to write this hours ago. But then I started reading other blogs, some SO bloody brilliant, I couldn’t stop reading them. Like this post from Reluctant Launderer, in which she makes bread and drinks cocktails. Or this one from Claire at Crumbs (warning, it’s sad but there is cake). And then there was this one from Esther – food for thought in more ways than one. You see? That’s why I’m always struggling to finish my book club book. I’ll get straight to the wines, before I get distracted again.

Current white in the fridge: Waitrose Crisp & Floral White, £4.99, Waitrose
This one was in the fridge at my in-laws on Sunday and honestly, I’d forgotten how brilliantly simple and delicious it is. I mean, that’s slightly the point. It’s not the most memorable wine but sometimes that’s exactly what you want. Something really chilled, cheap and cheerful to sip on before you tuck into a huge roast and crack open a bottle of red. Which is what we did. Still, this blend of Chardonnay and the rather aggressive sounding Muller-Thurgau grapes from the Veneto region in northern Italy does exactly what it says on the tin label. 

Current red in the rack: SW6 Red Wine 2 (Barbera) 2013, £15, www.londoncru.co.uk
Another Italian wine, but a million miles from the one above. Actually, not quite a million miles given that it’s made in London. But in terms of taste, this is a wine you won’t forget in a hurry. Made from Barbera grapes grown in Piedmont, in northern Italy, the grapes were trucked over to London’s first winery called London Cru (in SW6, hence the name) and made into a very lovely red by Australian-born winemaker Gavin Monery. Now, Barbera can be a bit on the weedy side but not here. Obviously, it loves London. This is fabulously perky with a great big dollop of red cherry fruit. If you want to try it, get in there quick because quantities are limited. FYI – these were sent to me by the team at London Cru. But I’ll be buying more. Note the funny numbers are because EU labelling laws mean they can’t put helpful stuff on the labels, like grapes and vintage. 

SW6 Red 2 (Barbera).
Along with a belated birthday card I thought v. appropriate.

Peace out, winos x

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  1. Just bought the Crumbs cookbook – as I sadly didn't win the free one 🙁
    and am SO glad I did – like you said its really good and the best thing was when I read the store room staples list I had everything listed except tinned anchovies!! Unreal – thank you for the hot tip as I had never heard of them before!

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