I know that tasting and writing about wine for a living is a ridiculously lovely job. But given that wine is usually enjoyed in the company of friends and with food on the table, attending a wine trade tasting is somewhat different. Take a room and fill it with wines, winemakers, press and buyers. Add bright lights and a lot of noise. Here’s a video taken by a friend of mine at yesterday’s Australian Wine Trade Tasting in London, to give you a flavour of what goes on. As I said, a ridiculously lovely job. Even if I do have to spit in public.


Chin chin x

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  1. Good choice of blouse colour 🙂

  2. Hi Helen, anything reasonably priced and easily available that stood out during the tasting ?

    I've tasted the Plan B, decent wine

    Thanks Dave (aka spikedc,ivorfan)

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