Yesterday, I spent the day at the London Wine Fair. It’s an annual trade fair that I’ve been to almost every year since I began working in the wine industry 20 years ago. Obviously things have changed enormously in that time, not least the fact that I now no longer have the energy to go to post-fair parties. Also: the diversity of wines available to try has exploded. Nowadays, we’re completely spoilt for choice. Yesterday’s highlights included Koshu (a white wine from Japan), terrific Touriga from Australia and single vineyard sparkling wines from Sussex to name just a few. What hasn’t changed so much is the people. Hotel California-like, most never leave – because it is such fun. I caught up with friends yesterday (like wine, some maturing more slowly than others) and came home happy. And well before 9pm.

Chin chin x

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  1. So the Furmint is just M&S Furmint Tokaji? Must try it.
    I really shouldn't read your blog before a trip home, I could spend my entire holiday drinking!

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