Hush. Puppies.

We’ve just returned from a few days staying with old mates in Scotland and joining us on our long journey home were a couple of new additions to our household. Meet Yankee & Zulu, our eight week old cocker spaniel puppies. Half term just got a whole lot more hectic, in a good way. Like babies, they sleep a lot, eat a lot and there’s so much puppy poo. The children watch them whilst they’re sleeping, willing them to wake so they can play in the garden. And just as I remember my mother telling me never to wake a sleeping baby, so I’m telling them to let sleeping dogs lie. Gina Ford would be horrified.


Chin chin x

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  1. I love! Tough call whether it's the wine or the puppies I love more! Definitely let the sleeping puppies lie. If they're anything like Monty, you'll have a couple of cruise missiles flying round the garden in no time! Margot xx

  2. Oh! My mean hardened old heart just melted a teeny bit. Please don't tell my children, because it's just further proof that EVERYONE IN THE WORLD HAS A DOG* EXCEPT US…
    They're beautiful. Congratulations on your new foray into mummyhood.
    (*And some people have more than one – the injustice!)

  3. Making a note of that Langhe for my summer visit – I can't get a reasonably priced one here in Dubai. Enjoy your puppies – and, when they grow up a bit – two dogs are definitely easier than one.

    • We've got a gorgeous black lab (who's not at all interested in the puppies!) and so far they seem to wear each other out chasing round the garden! The Langhe is v. v. good. I'll try not to drink it all before you get here!

  4. New Vinodogs! Congrats 🙂

  5. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! 🙂

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