So, I went to Lake Como last week. I won’t go on about it (much) but SERIOUSLY. One of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. And we had a Very Famous Person on our flight out. I realised something was up when one of the air stewards practically exploded with excitement and mouthed to another that aforementioned VFP was more beautiful – and taller – than he’d imagined, IRL. I couldn’t see anyone famous among us on the plane but on landing I raced to the Ladies leaving the Husband by the luggage carousel. Not just to stalk, I promise. I really did need a wee. And there, in huge dark glasses, standing right in front of me by the sinks and on her phone, was Cheryl. Cheryl! Fernandez-Versini! Now, I’ve said some fairly stupid things to famous people over the years in my attempt to be friendly/appear normal – it happened a lot when I did The Alan Titchmarsh Show; Joan Collins being a particular low point – but this time, I was speechless. I just smiled before darting in to the loo (was desperate). FYI, she looked absolutely gorgeous, all in black and with beautiful shoes. I spent the next four days in a kaftan and sandals. In my head, I was channeling Talitha Getty in Morocco. Turns out I looked more Princess Margaret in Mustique. I’ll leave you with my two-toned feet. I know, so stylish.

Como toes. I blame Prosecco.

Chin chin x

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  1. Yeurgh I'm having a full on rioja moment this summer and I love a bit of gold wire x

  2. 2 tone feet are where it is all at (and much easier to embrace rather than try and fix it with fake tan… take my word for it)

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