Rose Tinted Glasses

If I ever get my arse into gear and write the fiction book that floats around in my head from time to time, this would be the title. But for now, with the nightmare juggle that is school holidays, work and trying to not let the house go to ruin, this just relates to my current state: working late, with glasses on and a glass of rose by my side. And it’s the rose that I mentioned last week, the one I found whilst trying to locate a good quality bag in box rose wine to take camping this weekend. The search (online, seeing as none of the supermarkets had what I was looking for) took me to St John’s wine shop in London. They deliver, happily. Now I’ve just got to work out how to keep it chilled on site. That and how not to finish it all by Friday.

Chin chin x

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Current rose in the fridge: St John’s Rose

Price: £28.50 - Buy From St John

If you can’t pick this up from one of the above outlets, you can order it online but there is a delivery charge unless you order three boxes of it. They kindly sent me one to try so I just paid the normal price for a 3l box but will be buying more. This is what’s known as vin de soif: basically, a thirst quencher. It’s a classic southern French blend of red grapes including syrah and cinsault and is, most importantly, fresh, bright and just-right fruity. And with a bit more colour than some of its Provence neighbours and a lower equivalent price per bottle to boot, it’s a brilliant summer rose in camping-friendly format. Love. 

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Current red in the rack: The Interlude Pinot Noir 2014

Price: £5.49 - Buy From Co-op

A simple but lovely Pinot from Australia, like raspberries with a bit of black pepper on the top. If you’re in the mood for chilling your red for twenty minutes and serving it with something easy – antipasti, bowl of spicy crisps – this’ll do nicely. Otherwise, sip at room temperature whilst ignoring the washing basket. 

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