This is me, at the Knackered Mother’s Wine Club tasting at Camp Bestival last Saturday. We had a brilliant crowd, including a gorgeous lady who’d got married that day at Camp Bestival’s inflatable church (not making this up) and another on her hen night. There was a performance by the brilliant Scummy Mummies, Ellie & Helen, of a song written for the occasion – in gold onesies, obviously. It was called… actually, I can’t tell you the name of the song. You have to see it. I’ll post it here as soon as my sister sends me the recording she took on her phone. In the meantime, thanks to all those who tasted, laughed, bought the book and joined in with the chorus. I loved every minute.

Chin chin x

Special thanks to the following people for providing brilliant wines for Saturday’s tasting: Aldi, Asda, Berry’s, Bibendum & Wiston. Without you, it would have been a very dry do. And thanks to Annie for the photos x


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  1. Wish I'd been there this year! Next year I'll be back at CB – save me a seat!! x

  2. You can hear the song via the link to "Scrumie Mummies" you posted above – its on the last couple of minutes – brilliant!! Sorry to miss the live rendition!

  3. I love that you still look like you cannot believe that you wrote your own book! Or perhaps your good (self-made, hard-earned) fortune in having a career which involves going to festivals and drinking wine?? Quite jealous. (Tho not so much of the camping bit.)

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