According to new alcohol consumption guidelines issued last week, drinking more than 14 units of alcohol a week is bad for us. From now on we’re advised to drink no more than seven glasses of wine a week. If pregnant, it’s nothing at all. And you know that thing about wine being good for you in moderation? Apparently not so, according to the Chief Medical Officer’s review. All of which had me wishing that I wasn’t doing a dry January. Because the one thing that’s missing from the narrative is the fact that most people drink a) in moderation and b) for pleasure. A glass of wine in the evening is a lovely thing. And I’m so looking forward to drinking to that.

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  1. Fully agree, think they miss the point of the actual enjoyment of the drink. It’s not like we’re down the pub sinking back pints of crap Fosters is it?

  2. It makes me laugh when I think of my Grandmother who used to take all her tablets with a large glass of gin and french – she lived till her late 80s, and was elegant and intelligent to the end.

  3. Can’t wait for 1st Feb to enjoy my glass of wine at 6o/c.
    It’s a dry old January, but if I can do it, anybody can do it.

  4. Living in Prague and loving the Knackered Mother’s Blog, we do have M&S here and Tesco, your tips are not wasted on me, when I go back home to the UK, I can check the Blog and re-stock! It really is useful where ever you are.

  5. Well said! Couldn’t agree more (and love the new-ish website)

  6. Do they say what’s actually wrong with drinking moderately on a regular basis? Obviously binge or even over-drinking isn’t good but surely one’s liver can cope with a glass or two in the evening? (Do I sound desperate?)

  7. I too love the new look. Can’t believe how much your puppies have grown. ….

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