London Calling

Another week in London for me this week, working at the International Wine Challenge. And in the evenings, I’ve gone crazy. Sort of. On Monday, an old wine friend treated me to dinner at Noble Rot, a new restaurant in Bloomsbury. Nothing rotten about it at all, rather it’s the most fabulous place for wine along with food and service that made me want to hug the waitress. The next night, a wine tasting for a HUGELY exciting project (I’ll tell you more about it as soon as I can) before a visit to The Garrick to see Kenneth Branagh and Rob Brydon in The Painkiller, a farce so funny I cried. Then on my third night out in a row (not done that since circa. 2005) a burger in Barnes with a friend. So, made the most. Now, home is calling.

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  1. So nice to hear you acknowledge the good service you received. Waitressing can be an ego-crushing and soul destroying experience for those of us stuck at the bottom. So thank you from waiting staff everywhere! 😊

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