Know It All

I’ve been tasting a lot of wine this week, about 100 a day, at the International Wine Challenge in London. Yesterday, an old friend and fellow wine judge reminded me of the time we tasted a flight (the fancy name for a line up of wines) of Cabernet Sauvignons from Chile together, almost twenty years ago, at the same competition. At the time, there wasn’t much of it about here. Bowled over by the flavours, we thought they might just become A Thing. Little did we know. Even after all these years, the competition is still full of surprises. So far this week, I’ve tasted wines from Croatia, China, India, Japan and Turkey. They’ve got some way to go before they give Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon a run for its money but still, the wine landscape is constantly evolving. There’s so much to discover. I’ll never know it all – and I love that.

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