Quiet Time

We went away last week for a few days during half term, to Scotland, with friends. Three days of glorious weather and picnics. Also: a run of late nights meaning I had to come back and lie in a darkened room. Which I did for, ooh, all of five minutes before somebody was asking me one of the many, many questions a mother has to field during half term. So, apologies for not popping any wine recommendations up here last week but I’m hoping the double quantities of the previous week’s bagnums were enough to keep you going. Then again…

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Current white in the fridge: Berton Metal Label Vermentino

Price: £7.49 - Buy From Co-op

I love a good Vermentino. It’s a bit like Sauvignon Blanc in that it’s got a fresh, lemony thing going on. But it’s not as in your face as look-at-me Sauvignons and usually has a whiff of orange about it too. Most of all, I love it for its freshness and simplicity. This one’s a gem, from the relatively warm vineyards of Australia. The name is brilliantly Ronseal – it’s got a metal label, so is called Metal Label. Delicious with a piece of grilled salmon, feta and avocado.

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Current red in the rack: D’Aragon Old Vine Carinena

Price: £8 - Buy From M&S

I tasted my way through almost 100 wines at a recent M&S press tasting. So. Many. Highlights. This one’s made from old vine Carinena (also known as Carignan) grown in a region of the same name in Aragon, northeast Spain. Now, Carignan can be a tough old wine sometimes but this one’s gorgeously plump and juicy. Stuffed with cherry and raspberry flavours, it really wants to be put with a plate of tomato-sauce covered pasta. Or a packet of smoky bacon crisps at the very least.

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