Half term is upon us and so, naturally, my thoughts turn to wine. It’s times like these we need volume. Portable volume. And if you’re off camping (mad fools!), you’ll need it in something other than glass. Now, wine boxes used to be boring, wine-wise. Then some of them got a bit better. But still more frogs than princes, if you know what I mean. Thank heavens, then, for Bagnums, 1.5l wine pouches filled with lovely wines from Burgundy. I know! I tasted my way through a line up of wine bags and boxes yesterday for a piece for the paper. You can read the whole thing here, otherwise this week’s wines are my favourites.

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  1. I think you may have misunderstood something about those 2 Du Grappin wines. Andrew made them, he didn’t source them from another maker.

    • Helen McGinn

      Hi Tim, I meant he sources grapes (I think?), it does describe him as the winemaker…sorry if it came across any differently to you! They are fantastic wines…!

  2. Large format wines…love it!

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