Last Saturday night, I donned a gold lamé catsuit for a wine tasting. Of course I did, because it was Camp Bestival and I was doing the Secret Mummies Wine Club with the Scummy Mummies and DJ Sara Cox. And it was one of the funniest wine tastings I’ve ever done. The wines were fabulous, the crowd was gorgeous and I laughed so much, I cried. Not recommended when you’ve had three children and you’re wearing a gold lamé catsuit. Anyway, thank you so much to all who came to that, along with the KMWC pop-up tasting on Friday. And a huge thank you to the wine producers who made it all possible. What a rush.

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  1. You were fantastic! Xxx

  2. gold lamé forever! H xx

  3. The most I have laughed in a very long time. Thanks for the wine x

  4. Elaine Bartlett

    It was a great night, great wine & lots of laughs…. Thank you

  5. Melissa Debbie McGee Thomas

    A funny funny night with many memorable new chants to sing whilst watching Gigglebiz!!

  6. Sounds like a blast – I’ve never been near a gold catsuit let alone wear one ! Well done you. Might need some advice on the Rose front – I’ll email you x

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