Chardonnay, Go!

My let-them-get-bored strategy has come back to bite me. “Mum, please can we do some painting?” are seven words you don’t want to hear at 6.35pm after a long day. It was enough to make me want to play Chardonnay Go. If you haven’t seen it, watch it here; forget Pokémon Go, this is way more fun. Except I’d insist that each wine is a different grape variety or at least from a different country. For educational purposes, obviously. In fact, the perfect excuse to ship in the KMWC End of Term case. Go!

Ps. I’ll be Camp Bestival this weekend, doing pop-up tastings and even a Secret Wine Tasting with DJ Sara Cox and the brilliant Scummy Mummies. All details are on the Camp Bestival website. If you’re there, I’d love to see you (I’ll have wine).

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Current white in the fridge: Mayne de Beauregard Bergerac White

Price: £6.00 - Buy From M&S

An absolute peach of a white and a bargain at that, from the Bergerac region in Southwest France. It’s a classic Gallic blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon grapes, creating a grapefruit and grassy glassful. Simply done but cleverly so, this is light, crisp and refreshing. Just as it should be. Great on its own or with a plate of quiche and salad. Definite garden material.

Current red in the rack: La Garnacha Salvaje del Moncayo

Price: £7.99 - Buy From Majestic

This is a great take on Grenache, or Garnacha as it’s called in Spain. Bright, juicy and bold with big bramble fruit flavours, it’s from the Moncayo region in Aragon, in northern Spain. The vines have got a bit of age on them and thanks to a bit of height too – the vineyards are over 800m above sea level – the climate encourages properly concentrated fruit flavours in the grapes. If you’re a member of The Wine Society, you can get this for just £6.95 a bottle, even more of a bargain. Throw barbecued meat or spicy, tomato-heavy veggie dishes at this one.


  • 7 years ago

    Chardonnay Go! OMG – amazing idea! And an extra incentive to find it quickly whilst it’s nice & chilled. Enjoy Camp Bestival!

    • Helen McGinn
      7 years ago

      Exactly…really made me laugh. My kids can’t play Pokemon Go where we live – too remote! No Pokemons!

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