New York, New York

So I won’t go on about it but I went to New York. For the weekend. With no kids. I know. I walked in Central Park desperately hoping to bump into Tom Hanks (I didn’t), window-shopped in Soho, stayed out late in Brooklyn and drank Old Fashioned like it was going out of…you know what I mean. We spent a lazy Sunday morning wandering around the Met and on Monday, before we left, visited the incredible 9/11 Memorial. I loved everything about New York – the noise, the food, the wine, the people. Inspired? Definitely. Feeling brand new? Not so much. I blame the cocktails. Still, one hand in the air for the big city.

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  1. Hi Helen
    Visited New York for the first time last September. Loved it, love it, loved it.
    Looking forward to revisiting sometime in the future.

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