New York, New York

So I won’t go on about it but I went to New York. For the weekend. With no kids. I know. I walked in Central Park desperately hoping to bump into Tom Hanks (I didn’t), window-shopped in Soho, stayed out late in Brooklyn and drank Old Fashioned like it was going out of…you know what I mean. We spent a lazy Sunday morning wandering around the Met and on Monday, before we left, visited the incredible 9/11 Memorial. I loved everything about New York – the noise, the food, the wine, the people. Inspired? Definitely. Feeling brand new? Not so much. I blame the cocktails. Still, one hand in the air for the big city.

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Current sparkling in the fridge: Freixenet Cordon Rosado

Price: £6.50 - Buy From Tesco

I’m not saying that you have to drink pink for Valentine’s Day but if ever there was a time for pink fizz, this is as good as any. Especially when it’s on offer as it is at the moment (it’s usually about £10, available in Sainsbury’s and Morrisons too). There’s a touch of sweetness here, so it’s more off-dry than dry, and it tastes a bit like strawberries and cream. Obviously it’s not Champagne but worth remembering that Cava is made in the same way, in that the wine is fermented for a second time in the bottle to create its bubbles. Dangerously drinkable stuff.

Current red in the rack: Nuevo Mundo Carmenere

Price: £9.25 - Buy From Vintage Roots

Love this organic Carmenere from Chile, with its juicy bramble fruit flavours and smoky, spicy kick. From organic wine specialist Vintage Roots, a great online wine retailer stuffed with gems. The thing about buying organic is you know that nothing synthetic (weedkiller, that kind of thing) has been used in the vineyards on the grapes. Also, the amount of sulphur added to the wine (done to keep the wine from spoiling in the bottle) is usually lower compared with your average bottle. Gorgeous with sausages.


  • Kathy
    7 years ago

    Hi Helen
    Visited New York for the first time last September. Loved it, love it, loved it.
    Looking forward to revisiting sometime in the future.

    • Helen McGinn
      7 years ago

      Oh, I LOVED it, still on a New York high!

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