Not that we really need an excuse to open a bottle of something pink and sparkly but at least on Valentine’s Day we don’t even have to make one up. Very quickly, what makes wine pink? Answer: the skins of the grapes. You can’t make rose from white grapes; but add red grapes into the mix and voila! We’re in the pink. We’ve got two sparkling rose wines this week, one cheapish (for champagne, anyway) and one worth splashing out on (still great value, though). There’s a pink vodka too because: genius. Drop hints, self-gift, whatever. Happy Valentine’s Day, beautiful.

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  1. Alexander Graf

    Good afternoon. Thanks for sharing this. I love wine and also chocolate. It’s just the perfect combination. Especially dark chocolate like . It’s insanely delicious. Natural chocolate and quality wine, what could be better on a cold winter evening?

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