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So here we are, the kids still on holiday (mine go back next Tuesday. NEXT TUESDAY) and I’m still on crutches. It’s been a mad week work-wise too (although I do realise that tasting and writing about booze for a living means that I can’t really complain about anything, ever). Anyway, I think it’s best if we go straight to wine this week. Whilst polishing off the last of a chocolate orange easter egg…

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Current sparkling in the fridge: Sainsbury’s Taste The Difference Cremant de Loire

Price: £9.00 - Buy From Sainsbury's

Much as I love champagne, I do love a good cremant (basically, sparkling wine from France made in the same way as champagne, but not from the Champagne region). Not just because it’s usually half the price but because it’s refreshingly different. This one’s like lemon meringue pie, with soft citrus fruits and with a creamy texture. Normally £11 but it’s on offer at the moment so grab a slice whilst you can. Lovely stuff.

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Current red in the rack: Blind Spot Barbera

Price: £9.50 - Buy From The Wine Society

Such a clever idea, this: get a tip top winemaker to snap up small-ish parcels of wine for you and sell them under an exclusive label. Made from the Barbera grape usually found in Italian vineyards but here, it’s put down roots in Australia’s Victoria region. Loves it, too: with gorgeous black cherry fruits, spice and a touch of leather. Ours went down brilliantly with big bowls of bolognese.

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