Knee Jerk Reaction

I realise it’s a bit like complaining that my diamond shoes are too tight but I got hit by a crazy skier last week whilst on the slopes in Austria and now I’m on crutches with a ruptured cruise ship (I’m told it’s cruciate but I prefer cruise ship) ligament. Which, given that I’ve got a houseful of children and chocolate for the next few weeks is, you know, not ideal. But people have been amazing – I literally can’t fit any more bolognese sauce in the freezer. And at least there are no school runs for now. Anyway, I’ve got a few Easter-friendly wine recommendations for you this week including one that works with most types of chocolate. Hop to it.

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Current red in the rack: The Chocolate Block

Price: £16.49 - Buy From Waitrose

Normally over £20 a bottle but it’s on offer at the moment so definitely worth a try if you like your reds on the rich side. Made from a blend of five different grapes, it’s got so much going on – bramble fruits, violets, spice – but still manages to be as soft and luxurious as an extremely well plumped velvet cushion. And it’s gorgeous with roast lamb.

Current fortified in the rack: Blandy’s Duke of Clarence Madeira

Price: £12.00 - Buy From Sainsbury's

When it comes to matching wine and chocolate, the best matches depend on the type of chocolate – milk, dark, white, salted caramel, I could go on – but this particular sweet wine takes most of them in its stride. Now, Madeira is not the most fashionable thing but that’s good news because a) it’s amazing value for money and b) it shows you’re in the know when you plonk a bottle on the table, pour everyone a small glass and then take yours, along with your easter egg, to the sofa. Pleasure.


  • cliff
    6 years ago

    sorry to hear about the cruise ship & the crutches Helen 🙁 , my wife once slipped down the chalet stairs after dinner & fractured her ankle, hospital all night, out on crutches the next morning; everybody thought she’d had a dramatic ski accident 🙂

  • Gitta Small
    6 years ago

    Dear Helen. So sorry to hear from your mum that an out of control skier ran into you causing such a nasty injury. Hope you heal well..

    As your mum knows I had something similar happening to me on the first day of my ski Holidayin January, so I reLly sympathise and wish you a speedy recover, regards Gitta

    • Helen McGinn
      6 years ago

      Thank you so much Gitta, am definitely on the mend! x

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