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This weekend I’m off to Camp Bestival for one of my favourite gigs of the year, the Secret Mummies Wine Club. Together with the brilliant catsuit-wearing goddesses of comedy The Scummy Mummies, we’ll be doing a pop-up wine tasting for around 50 fellow knackered mothers/wine lovers (and a few brave fathers) in a tent. If it’s anything like last year there will be tears of laughter, a little involuntary wee and lots and lots of wine. So with camping in mind, this week’s wines come in camping-friendly bag in box formats. Both are rosé because it being summer WE WILL DRINK ROSÉ NO MATTER WHAT. If you’re there this weekend I really hope to see you, plastic glass in hand.

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Current rose in the fridge: Cote Bleu Mediterranean Rose 1.5l

Price: £12.99 - Buy From Waitrose

Most pink wines in boxes are not like this one: namely, pale, crisp and dry. Sourced from vineyards across the Mediterranean, it’s not quite the same as drinking a pale Provence rose from the bottle (not directly. You know what I mean) but it comes pretty close, taste-wise. The packaging is way better than normal too, with an Art Deco Riviera feel about it. Drunk from plastic cups in a damp tent, you’ll definitely feel better for it.

Current rose in the box: Cerasuolo d’Abruzzo 5L

Price: £39.99 - Buy From Adnams

They say all good things come in small packages. Not so, because this brilliant rose bag in box holds 5 litres. That, my friends, is a lot of bottles of wine. More than six, in fact. And for the price, that works out at £6/bottle. Warning: this is not a pale rose. Rather it’s Italian and punchy, both in colour and flavour. Made from the Montepulciano d’Abruzzo grape, the name Cerasuolo translates as ‘cherry red’ referring to the colour of the resulting wine. It’s a joy – and a bargain.

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  • 6 years ago

    I’m not that fan of rosé wines, but after reading this I must say I’m dying to give them another chance. Thank you for sharing these!

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