Boxing Clever

This weekend I’m off to Camp Bestival for one of my favourite gigs of the year, the Secret Mummies Wine Club. Together with the brilliant catsuit-wearing goddesses of comedy The Scummy Mummies, we’ll be doing a pop-up wine tasting for around 50 fellow knackered mothers/wine lovers (and a few brave fathers) in a tent. If it’s anything like last year there will be tears of laughter, a little involuntary wee and lots and lots of wine. So with camping in mind, this week’s wines come in camping-friendly bag in box formats. Both are rosé because it being summer WE WILL DRINK ROSÉ NO MATTER WHAT. If you’re there this weekend I really hope to see you, plastic glass in hand.

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  1. I’m not that fan of rosé wines, but after reading this I must say I’m dying to give them another chance. Thank you for sharing these!

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