On a break

Well, the Menorcan mini-break with gorgeous girlfriends was a boon and I came back truly refreshed. A little too refreshed, to be honest – there was a lot of rosé. And crisps. But we swam in the sea every morning (glorious!), shopped and sunbathed a little, walked, talked and laughed until we cried a lot. Then it was all over and back to work, albeit with a light tan. Not that anyone noticed on the 7.03 to London Waterloo. Anyway, this week’s recommendations include a properly brilliant organic red and a peaches-and-cream white both for well under £7. How refreshing.

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Current white in the fridge: Koha Gisborne Chardonnay

Price: £6.50 - Buy From Marks & Spencer

Now, if you prefer your whites on the light, floral side then move along. This is not for you. However, if you love something a bit more ripe and round in your glass from time to time, you’ll love it. All peaches and cream, it’s made from the Chardonnay grape grown in New Zealand’s North Island region of Gisborne. And with a light touch of oak, it’s got a bit more weight to it. Currently on offer, too. Happy daze.

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Current red in the rack: Maree d’Ione Nero di Troia

Price: £6.79 - Buy From Waitrose

The southern Italian region of Puglia is stuffed with brilliantly named grapes you don’t hear much about. This generous, juicy red is made from the Nero di Troia grape, one that’s usually blended in with other grapes. But here, it’s flying solo. Brilliantly so. All berry and spice, it manages to be fresh and firm and not at all too chewy. Refreshingly different, it’s currently on offer (normally it’s £8.49). Definitely worth a try if you like fruity reds. Just add lamb shanks.

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